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  1. Jus picked up some of the best shit ive seen in awhile.

    Straight ganz.

    3 oz's for 325. He wanted $250 a oz single.

    Fuckin flame boys.

    Was gon roll a blunt but my mans was like you better make it a small one haha, Said he got blowed off a half joint so i was like yeah this some good shit main.

    Bout to roll a blunt of some other weed i got but i took like 4 hits off a bowl of this shit and im already feelin it.

    Needless to say im happy with my purchase.
  2. Glad to hear Detroit's still rollin in the bud. Its been dry across the lake. For me at least
  3. How did you pull that off? from 250 an oz to 108 an oz. Also, pics? :D
  4. if somebodys planning on selling a single oz for 250 why would they give up 3 for 325????
  5. Hahaha, Cuz thats me. ;)

    Thats what he was/could be gettin rid of it for.

    But he could cut me down, 2 for 250, 3 for 325 he told me.

    Dude i knew from way back and i showed HIM the ropes when he was a youngin and now he done made it.

    Last couple weeks its been off and on. Ive been able to get it otherwise but i was waitin on this guy for some good ganz.

    Had another offer 3 for 3 but it wasnt as good.

    But jus last week i couldnt cop shit for a few days before i copped some pretty shitty shit for real real cheap. Its that time of year tho. Always happens in spirts around this time of year for some reason, Ive noticed it for years.
  6. This thread is worthless without pics.
  7. dude in Texas schwag prices are just like that, i can get some amazing schwag for 50 a zone,but when you buy a QP it's only 125. this fool even told me personally 'i like you mayne, but dont just buy one'
  8. Agreed
  9. Agreed.

    Another mains had some aight shiet in, $125 a boy, $300 for 3.

    I dont have a cam but it aient mean shit for pics, Ive been in the game for 10 some years main. I know weed.

    Its not high times super dank shit but its fuckin kills main.

    Real high up strain name shit can go for 350-400 out here ive heard but fuck that
  10. yup, you fuck with the right people you're lookin at around 20 dollar an ounce. :)

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