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Dank looking nug, with no smell

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DoodwitaDoob, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. I just picked up a half yesterday and it doesn't have a very strong smell at all, it looks real crystaly and its all in big buds, has anybody experienced this?

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  2. I think the generic answer is SMOKE DAT SHIT then tell us how it goes ;)
    However I have had weed that didn't smell... and it was shit.
    That nug looks a hell of a lot nicer than mine did right enough ;)
  3. ive found that as my nugs dry they loose smell. is it nice and moist or crunchy?
  4. It's old.
  5. its real dry, and when you smoke it the taste isnt that strong, but the high is there

  6. Could be this. Or it could have been left outside of an airtight container (in the previous dealer/grower's hands) and lost it's terpenoid content, which is what attributes the pungent smells of marijuana.

    Will still get you high, so no worries :)
  7. Wasn't cured correctly.
  8. looks fake
  9. and gay
  10. Genetics. Some strains dont smell much but grown correctly, still very well dank.
  11. i wanted to post the same thing last night. i fronted my buddy some dank last week so he came over to return the favor, he got his off the street or something but it didnt look like mids or was it dry. it looked kind of like the photo in OP in the way that it looked like it was packed tightly. very little smell, smells grassy like alfalfa sprouts or beans.

    the head buzz was insane though, i vaped a little bit and went to watch TV not really expecting much, but it crept up on me.

    i think the curing process had something to do with the loss of aroma, but you just wonder what quality it could have been had it been treated with care.
  12. well if the high is still there, you have yourself some stealthy bud lol..get just as high and don't have to worry about it smelling up the place when you open the jar(or wherever you keep it stored)
  13. it's probably old, but still dank
  14. It's not that it's too dry, it really is just old, you can tell by the lack of trichs. It WAS good weed, it's not anymore.

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