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DANK kansas pickup, 8 gram nug pics

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by yaners, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. #1 yaners, Feb 22, 2009
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    What's up GC, just got another nice sack of fun from one of my favorite Kansas towns, I simply had to take pics of one particular nugget. The high creeps up on you, and gets your mind racing with all kinds of epiphany-forming thoughts. Definitely my fave of the bud I've been getting recently. The bud actually weighed 7.9 grams.

    Toke on! :smoking:



  2. #2 shikyo, Feb 22, 2009
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    hey bro, where at in kansas yo? I'm here, nice to know that other people can find some dank around here :)


    Oh and I just rolled this last night ;)

  3. I'm in Wichita, where you guys from? Lawrence?
  4. #4 shikyo, Feb 22, 2009
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    I forgot, I have about 2 grams of bubble hash made from that ak as well :D
  5. rock chalk jayhawk
  6. i'm in overland park, got this from lawrence...goin to school there next year lol
  7. nice cross joint btw
  8. Thanks, yea I'm in OP as well :) . I go down through lawrence quite a bit, I'll have to keep my ears open lol. Been tryin to find some diff. strains to smoke.
  9. looks good, both of it hahaha

    its a two weed , two OP thread haha

    stay high :smoking:
  10. yea sorry my sony cybershot needs a new batt. so that is with my g-phone lol :( but the cross j is rolled w/ ak-47 as the main spliff up and down, and then the cross section is rolled with some mids. First time rollin one, but it had a little trouble smoking at first so it needed some engineering fixes :) .
  11. #11 yaners, Feb 22, 2009
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    Aww u put tobacco in there? I mean, I simply LOVE cigarettes and everything (depite their unhealthiness), but when I'm smoking my herb, I put just herb in my blunts/joints (usually blunts though, joints are hard for me). I found a half g of some of my bro's AK 47 from Christmas a few nights ago...definitely one of the best things I've come upon randomly in my house :p LOVE the high!

    here's the ak:

  12. #12 shikyo, Feb 22, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 22, 2009

    Nah there is no tobacco in it..... It's all herb, just two diff kinds.

    Yea, I've got about 2 zones of this ak lol..... It's pretty good, but I really want a more indica/couchlock high right now.

    Edit: and oh ya, I saw ur thread before lol . I have a diamond grind that i just picked up at superflea yesterday.
  13. Ahh I see what you mean, when you said spliff I instantly thought tobacco. I got a zip of some purpley outdoor bud a couple days ago, thought it would be a couch-lock type high, but it only is after like an hr and a half, the initial part of the high is almost like being on adderall or something, only you're baked lol. I'm more for the up-and-going strains :)
  14. Holy shit, I'm from OP too. How the hell are you guys getting such great deals? I usually get an 1/8 of nug for 60$ but that is still a bit pricey.
  15. #15 shikyo, Feb 22, 2009
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    Ya normally I'm more of a heady/euphoric high person, it's just that I've only had sativas for the last month and half or so..... so I've been looking for something different. I've got an auto blueberry grow going as well.
  16. O yea, check ur pm's :)
  17. ha i live in Roeland Park. and you guys are also in high school to?
  18. got my camera going, here's some macro's of that ak.

    and nah I graduated high school in 06.



  19. Roeland Park? Never heard of it.

  20. It's on I-35 N Just past I-635 heading toward KC.

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