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Dank = harsh smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xzero, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. I haven't been able to get my hands on any dank for a while. A friend had some dank and we smoked out of a bong. The smoke seemed so much harsher than regs from the same bong. The more dank the bud, the harsher the smoke? Is this true?
  2. No, it's not true for the most part, the main reason why you cough is because either you inhaled almost your lung capacity or that the smoke was too hot and caused it. Which makes me think that the bong probably didnt have an icecatcher or something to cool the smoke down before you breathe it in, which will help with taking bigger rips and less coughs. I rarely will cough but if i do those are pretty much the only reasons, not by how potent the bud is.
  3. some can be harsh but for the most part dank is smoother
  4. usually harsh if the buds havent been dried and cured properly and this applies to any bud.
  5. I wouldn't say harsh, but the more dank it is, the more you cough. IMO regs is smooth, but who WANTS regs?
  6. Thanks for the responses
  7. The quality of the bud has nothing to do with how smooth the smoke is, that comes with proper flushing, drying and curing. However, given that THC is an expectorant, a higher percentage of THC will cause you to cough because the smoke is more expansive. Any good homegrown will always be a smooth smoke, but if you take too big of a hit you'll still cough because of the significantly higher THC content.
  8. My friend who grows, their last batch was lavender afghan(with some purple on it) and chemdawg. They didn't even really cure it, just dried it. It was some of the most amazing weed ive seen and it was soo smooth. A pound of it was sold for $4900 to one of the clubs down in socal.
  9. He should consider himself lucky. IMHO, if you can't take a few weeks to dry and cure your bud properly, maybe you aren't in the correct mindset to be growing in the first place. The whole point of growing your own is to grow the best bud possible, because you're going to be smoking it too. Why take the chance at hindering potency and flavor just to smoke it a few weeks earlier? Take a few sample buds and keep the rest curing in jars. Just my .02

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