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Dank from my town (SE Michigan)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by dankstin, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. #1 dankstin, Jan 29, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 30, 2011
    Hello everyone.. I just figured I would post some pictures of the herb i've gotten from around my area in Southeast Michigan (not dispensary bud) and see what everyone thinks :D Here we go





    Panama Red


    Lemon Kush




    Grapefruit Diesel (Bad picture)


    Grape Ape (purple leaves toward tip of nug)




    Blackberry (thats what we were told, im not sure though)


    Trainwreck ;)


    And those are just a few of the strains i've seen around here :)
  2. where are you from? All them buds look chronic as fuck, must have been some good smoking :smoke:
  3. If you're questioning it, I will let you know that....that is definitely some blackberry
  4. im from SE michigan and thanks :wave::smoke:
  5. Out of no where, there has been a an explosion of MI guys popping up. Everyone is showing the lovely dank we have in the Mitten

    SE Michigan here too.

  6. always seeing danks coming out of MI.
  7. Looks like some bomb ass ganja you got there bro. Just two things... the first and last picture... What's the yellow stuff on the first one? There is actual hairs on the bud in the last picture, what's up with that?
  8. right on! toke on SE michigan :smoke:

    and SnareC - the first picture, that only looks yellow because of the lighting. the light inside the car was on as well as the flash on the camera, so it made it look yellowish. perfectly normal bud and yes, the Trainwreck had hairs like that on it when we got the bag. it was a strange batch (obviously) :wave:
  9. I am also confused about yellow thing, herbs are bombastic man

  10. is that mold or pocket lint?
  11. well its not pocket lint! lol. thats what we thought at first, but after closer looks and a picture it was a blue leaf
  12. also, a recent Chemdawg pick up by a friend

  13. That's some hairy trainwreck, lol. I hope you pulled those off before smoking it.
  14. I had that EXACT SAME blueberry. Smokes real nice. Enjoy, man.
  15. very nice smoke :smoke: good looks
  16. That does look like BlackBerry Kush, I've got a half oz of it right now from a dispensary..
    Looks exactly the same, lots of purp.
  17. Nice budda man, represent that michigan fire. Move that shit up to holland:smoke:
  18. Wouldnt that be West? :cool:
  19. thanks:D

    just got word that God's Gift is in town:D pics will be up when I snag some:hello:

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