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dank for 50 an 8th

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Green Plant, May 15, 2010.

  1. is it worth it to buy dank for these prices? im trying to find somthing lower but for now its either 50$/8th dank or mid =/

    ill try to get a picture here.
  2. Yes, $50 an eighth is a great price. Or at least it is where I live, as prices vary by location.
  3. $50 for an eight of dank in some places in america is a great deal, but in canada it should be around $30
  4. well that really depends on where you live and who ya know.

    but 50 is pretty avg. in some states it cost more, like 60-65.

    50 isn't bad at all
  5. Yes it is.
  6. thats 3.5 grams of dank. Idk about you or where you live but here in central florida and also a lot of other places a gram of dank is 20. so you getting 70s worth for 50. snatch that deal up brother
  7. If its some good dank then 50 isnt unreasonable, lotta people round here will pay 60-80 for good headies, personally I wouldn't pay any more than 50.
  8. if it were me buying, i'd want to make sure its worth the pay cause dank here is 45/hq average
  9. well im also limited to 2 guys i can buy off of. i can get mids and dank off both. i think ill just get 50 an 8th of dank
  10. Around here is 25 for a nice 1/8th. Dealer i go to usually always has amazing shit.
  11. Just get the headies. Quality over quantity. And for that price your pretty lucky. I'm in boston and some shitheads will charge an upwards of 60 bucks, sometimes reaching 80 :eek: for an eight of "dank"
  12. you get 3.5 for 25?
    and its dank?
  13. Yea $50 is a good price here in the Chicago area that kush can cost $75 in some spots
  14. lol, i always thought weed was expensive here. After coming here and hearing some of these prices i feel im pretty lucky.

    Had some shit the other day, rolled a joint and it got me and 3 people completely baked lol.

    Just started my own grow as well.
  15. Canada has amazing prices.
  16. It's cus the laws are so lenient here unless you have over an ounce it's a misdemeanor. Worst thing that ive had happen is lose my weed.

    Over an ounce is trafficking, which is some minor jailtime.
  17. yep, sounds like a good deal
  18. yea man I usually have to deal with 60 a slice when I can find dank, and if its 50 its most likely kids trying to sell beasters.. so 50 an 8th for dank is good man
  19. Yeah that's good
  20. Truly Amazing, and yeah that's a good price, it usually depends on where you live. could you provide a state? I'm in Boston and an eighth is always 60, 55 if ya know people. :wave:

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