Dank Foods To Eat When Stoned!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by electrikbroz425, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Tell me your favorite food to grub on when your bakeddd. mine personally is chocolate cake. oh my goodness so bomb. :smoking:
  2. Hot cinnamon bun with milk.

  3. fruit or dried fruit. preferably dried mangos.
  4. The hot cinnamon bun w/ milk sounds awesome... But chicken wings ftw.
  5. anything sour
  6. i prefer food with actual nutritional value

  7. Such as?
  8. chicken wings fo shooooooooo
    Im so blazed and I want some.

    who delivers at midnight
  9. stack attacks from wendy's. I love those things.

  10. Hell yeah, wendy's is the only fast food place i can stand anymore. I usually get two stack attacks, and add bacon, only comes to 3 bucks. Then, you smash them together and you've got a baccanator for half price.
  11. The BBQ version of that would be one of my top 10 foods.
  12. Massive juicy steak + Caesar salad.
    With cake for dessert.
  13. steak, homemade pizza, pasta, lasagna, tuna salad, grilled/pan fried fish, antipasta salad. tacos on corn tortillas, toast, sanwich.
  14. I'm so hungry now...thanks guys.
  15. A Cheesy bacon tender crisp from Burger King, with their fries, and Buffalo Sauce.:smoking:
  16. I must be the only one but I think this is a terrible thing to eat high. Its messy, hard to eat, not a lot of volume, and sometimes very spicy. Not good high food.

    I love getting all stoney and going to Red Robin.
  17. ^^ you must be on dat crack if you dont think buffalo wings are TEH SHIT stoned
  18. ^^ No, buffalo wings certainly are shit when stoned (or any time)... BBQ is a completely delicious other story.
  19. Golden Oreos with a mug full of milk. Oh my! =D

    Or fruit, such as apples, strawberries, watermelon, or cantelope.

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