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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by toke a doke, Apr 23, 2002.

  1. i had the crazyist dream yesterday day. Alright, so last night i was sitting in my room just chillin, and i thought. What if i told my mom that i smoked herb.I was just like she'd put me in rehab in shit and id b fuked. SO i feel alseep..this is when the dream part starts. So in the dream...me and my mom are in the car, im like mom..i smoke pot. She just looks at me and says its ok, aleats ur not drinking or doin other crazy stuff. She says shes cool with it, but if my grades drop or i start bein bad i have to stop. So im like cool...Then i get home. like 2 mins after bein inside my friedns show up(pat,nate,gainer) NAte has a bag of chettos in his hand(our favrite munchi) and nates like...lets go smoke a bowl..like he knew what just had happened. We go in my room start smokin outa spoon. then i wake up.
    i was freakin cause i thought i might have actually told her i did.. it was fukin crazy as hell
  2. I hate when that happens. The dream feels so real you don't know whether it really happened or not at first.

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