Dank... But Doesnt Get You High?

Discussion in 'General' started by geetardude, May 21, 2013.

  1. Okay, my guy sells dank that is rather hit and miss. Hit and miss in a way that shouldn't be possible. He reups about every other day and only sells $20/g. Sometimes it smells really skunky or piney, usually dense high quality buds, lots of red hairs, and a thin layer of trichomes, and it will get you fucking baked. 
    Now, there are these other times, and a lot of them, where I will get bud off of him for the same price, and the appearance is the same, the smell is the same, the quality LOOKS really good, but it doesn't get you stoned... at all. This isn't just me, there are several people that have said the same thing and it just boggles my mind. This is NOT a tolerance thing, I just took a month and a half off so yeah I'm good on that.
    HOW can marijuana with such good appearance and smell be such shitty bud? A couple people have said they think it's prematurely picked, but I don't think that is the case. The appearance is no different than the actually good dank. They are full sized buds that he just breaks down into grams. There have been a couple batches, where there were seeds that were much smaller than usual, we think he or someone zapped it in the microwave, but I haven't seen a bag with seeds from him in months. I only have one other dealer right now, so we're stuck with this guy and his unreliable product. Can some of you give me a reason how this is even fucking possible?
    I smoked the whole gram so I dont have a pic, 

  2. It's not dank if it doesn't get you high, man.  :poke:  Small seeds would indicate to me that it was immature. He probably harvested too soon cause he needed cash or something.  :confused_2: I'd just politely let him know the last batch didn't seem on par, so he should go back to what he did the time before if he happened to make any changes. Unless he has some reason to want to screw you over, I don't really see why they'd nuke it. lol If your guy's a go between and gets different kinds of bud, ask for a hook up with the grower of the one you like. Let him know you want to switch to that exclusively and you'll reserve a claim with the grower if you have to in order to get a steady supply of that instead, or he can just sell the shitty stuff to his other customers. Probably more politely<span style="font-size:14px;"> than that depending on your/their personality, but you get the gist.  ;) </span>
  3. Not dank if it doesn't get you high. Just like ken said. Listen to ken. 

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