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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by icetohot, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. Pretty much photos of dank buds from bag to grinder to Roor to lungs. :wave:

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  2. You got some good looking bud there dude.

    That bong looks killer too. Enjoy that shit:smoking:
  3. fuggin sweet bro
  4. is that entire bowlpack keif?

  5. No it's about 1/5 kief, 4/5 bud. The bowl is about 1 gram.
  6. Wow I totally need to do this... get a roor and some kief :smoking: The Bud looks delicious:hello:
  7. nice bong and some sweet looking bud good times:smoking::smoking:
  8. Damn that's a shitload of kief! I'm going to start saving my stems and shaking those up into kief, that's going to be sweet.
  9. You must be feelin good right now.
  10. Very fuckin nice man, I love that bud and that bong :D
  11. Plus rep for the N64 controller. I have the same one. Nice buds and roor man.
  12. n64 represent.
  13. Now THAT'S how you start the day off!
  14. How much did that tube run you
  15. You know I love bowls of kief, but I hate how once it starts it just keeps burnin til its gone. Great if you wanna get superstoned superfast, but I like to take my time when I am toking. SO i sprinkle mine on top of a bowl.

    Nice pics! You have a great camera.

    Love those buds.

  16. thats what i said!

    right after Fuck yeah!
  17. someone likes to pack fat bowls ;)
  18. nice pics... is that RooR a german fairmaster??? looks fuckin pimp
  19. Around $400 shipped with

    Roor Fairmaster 5.0 - 18.8 joint
    German Roor Diffuser
    Roor Ashtray
    Roor Poker
    Bowl Holder
    Bong Stop (for cleaning)
  20. im guessing that right after that hit was cleared there was major coughing and then you just passed out right there :smoke:

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