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Dank bud, no smell?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KushSmokaa, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. is this possible? i bought from this kid that goes to my school and last time i bought from him the bud looked pretty decent but it REEKED now this bud looks great, light green, but its pretty leafy..could that be why it doesnt smell?

    just wondering, i was skeptical at first but poured it out and theres some good nugs in there.

    thoughts? btw i only bought a dub
  2. I also got some bud like this. Had no smell at all.
  3. maybe it's not cured properly? i know that bud smells like hay before curing, so sometime during the curing process that smell comes about.
  4. Depends on how it was stored, sometimes the smell can dissipate in storage.
  5. this bud has a smell, just not an overpowering dank smell like some of the other buds ive come in contact with...can bud still be good if it doesnt smell? lmao
  6. does it work well?

    ive had some good bud without a strong aroma. I am guessing its not cured properly.
  7. Nope. Its bad weed. Send it to me through the mail for inspection.

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