dank bud man

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by stoned4lyfe, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. man yah up north in edmonton most goes for 10 a gram (can) and like 110-180 for an o in canadian funds, fuck 20 a gram that shits sorry. but hey you got some good cronic there its pretty dank dope man, keep tokin, gaggin and chokin.
  2. *Bitchslap*

    This is the Picture Post forum, man.

  3. Fucking haters. You get it cheaper. Look at it as a blessing. Some people aren't as lucky as you and get taxed like a mother fucker. Plus in the states, 60 an 8th for dro isn't terrible everywhere.

  4. Dude, 60 for 1/8?! Next time you see your dealer, you may want to just drop yer pants and bend over for him to speed things up.

    Seriously, I get $40 1/8 for some dank-ass stuff, $50 for the best shit in town. If someone wanted $60, I'd tell them to f off.


  5. what part of edmonton u from?

  6. This is a picture post... Post some of that dank-ass stuff, i wanna see how much im getting ripped off paying 60 for my Cannabis club 1/8th's

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