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Dank Blueberry G and bowl of Grape Ape

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by HTxNJ420, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Heres a few shot of a gram of some good ass blueberry. Surprised that this shit had such a strong blueberry taste and smell.


    This was some good as grape ape. Shit was all kinds of purple and put you on your ass.:smoking:
  2. shit looks bad ass brah. the bud in your spoon looks great just mixing with the colors in.

  3. yeah man its that houston dank.
  4. Hey man, can you zoom in a bit more, I can barley see it.

    Yeah though, it looks great.
  5. sure does look like a good bowl:hello:
  6. that is some amazing weed there my friend
  7. [​IMG][​IMG]

  8. Quoted for fail
  9. shut up pussy i get way danker weed than youve ever smoked.
    :wave:u get shit weed in west virginia compared to H-town.
  10. DOn't take it personally. I love weed too dude, dank dank dank DRUGS LOL is all I see coming from your post. Life should be more like LOL, DRUGS. It's about feeling good, smash the beef.
  11. were did you get that spoon? i like it,i might buy one
  12. You would think that a person with such dank weed wouldn't be so irritable and aggressive.
  13. Another excellent point from a GC member. You sir, win.
  14. Im not an asshole i just dont like people coming in my thread and complaining. If you dont like what you see then dont check it out.
  15. 20 bucks at a smoke shop in H-Town
  16. Nice pics.
  17. dammmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnn that is some kill brah
  18. just hit Ctrl - a few times
  19. west virginia has some of the best... IMO probably the best outdoor in the east... not saying houston weed is bad, but it doesnt usually come from there, whereas WV has a ton of dank grown in state.
  20. Wrong. Much of the dank bud produced in texas is homegrown in the state. The only shit that doesnt come from here is that mexican brick weed and im proud to say it doesnt.

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