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Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Mikesu58, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. I had a quarter of this Blue cheese about 2 months ago. Shit was volcano. So fire boyyy lol

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  2. extremely jealous... blue cheese is easily my favorite strain ever
  3. dude. i'm jealous of my past self for having that shit lol. It's not around right now. :(
  4. its lookin fucking dank man. u from london?
  5. I'm from eastcoast dude, mass
  6. man im taking a T break been about a week... fuck
  7. looks sooo dank, im jealous hahaha
  8. Think about how great the moment when you finally blaze is going to be. :)
  9. i know where op gets his bud.. hehe shhh
  10. That'd be cool if you did lol, I'd ask you where i could find more cheese like this... It sure as hell isn't around right now :p
  11. omfg so orange, that shit has got to put you to sleep.
  12. no hate but hate eeverything is cheese, the high is fantastatic but the smell and taste completly turns me off
  13. the smell is so stinkily yummy... this and the pure blueberry have stolen my heart from Sour Diesel...I LOVE BLU CHEESE..THE TASTE AND SMELL IS INCREDIBLE..the high....makes you want to sing melodies you never dreamt you would be
  14. The smell of cheese is AMAZING but when ur room stinks of it an hour after rolling in there its not good for the paranoia!

    im still on the T break got a uni law exam in 2 weeks so i need my memory... going to keep it up til the day then smoke a fat blunt
  15. That's my absolute faaaaaaaaav!

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