DANK Adidas track jacket

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  1. i found this really dope Adidas track jacket online for around $50. i'm thinking about ordering it....
    i've already got the rasta track bottoms and it would go perfectly with my hemp Superstar II's. i think its pretty sick. what do you guys think? dank jacket or is it a bit too much?
  2. I looks kinda slick and kinda gay at the same time. I don't know why. Maybe its the bottom stripe, it's really killing it.
  3. If you like it then get it, if not then don't. I think its pretty standard, I wouldn't judge you one way or the other for it. A lot of people rep rasta colors just for the sake of it though, so in actuality if I saw you wearin that Adidas jacket I'd generalize you as some frat boy bro douchebag that smokes bud

    No offense, and lookin back at the jacket again it doesn't really look like a bro jacket, but I don't even know what that means, sorry if you are in a frat I didn't mean any direct attacks
  4. That's a little too flamboyant for my style..
    There is cooler Adidas gear out there.
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    i am not a fan of those colors .... in public

    unless its my boxers

    do your thing tho and get it!

    i was envisiong a grimey sweater with like green marijuana leaves everywhere with black in the background:smoke:

    good thing i searched google.
    theres some fucking amazing hoodies i know want


    theres some better ones. i love the one that says 4:19:59
    now that would be SICK when you're about to blaze with ANYONE

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