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Dank a$$ purps

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by LittleGreenMan1, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. Just harvested my plant.



    LAdys' and GentLEmeN! I PreSenT!

    got ounces for miles

    Attached Files:

  2. BEAUTIFUL. Very very nice yield. Looks sick keep it up
  3. have fun with that :D
  4. niice damn buds man :smoking: is that resin on your fingers in the first one? DAYUM
  5. heh, your fingers in the first pic say it all, Sticky goodness!
  6. whoa nice stuff man
  7. i agree. i had to wash my hands with isopropal multiple times just so i could handle the buds without getting pissed off at how sticky my hands were getting. not to mention the sicissors getting stuck together. golly!:D
  8. nice grow man looks like some really good bud
  9. Mother of God. I'm gonna need you to send a sample of that for testing to the following address...
  10. :eek: great looking weed man, except hat last picture looks a bit like a weed-dick :laughing:
  11. thats some goo
  12. holy fuck that looks good:smoking:
  13. there are more pics of this in my sig grow thats finished. not the autoflowering one.
  14. Sexy purple buds, I just want to eat them. Hahahah :D

  15. It turned purple either because of its natural genetics or cold temperatures in your grow room.
  16. Very nice buds man. I had a bunch of bagseed that I grew that also turned out all purple, it was certainly a unique taste.

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