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Dank 1/8 of diesel and a nug of lifesaver & trainwreck

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Retrosole, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. The last two fire nugs of some TW (left) and lifesaver. The TW is from a delivery service connect thru my bro and the lifesaver was grown by a friend. Great taste, smell and look but neither get me too lifted could be cause there dried out though. About to pack a bowl of the trainwreck and drink a Hoegarden, gonna be a great night :smoke:


    1/8 of some great diesel I got a little while ago, it stinks way too strongly of dead skunk and gasoline. Very dangerous stuff to carry around cause its impossible to hide that funk. Strong high, gets you Fucked up for sure ..


  2. love your vocabulary.....get stoned and toke onnnnnn..good lookin bud..
  3. good bud my man, enjoy em
  4. Thanks? I'm too lazy to write properly. I don't understand why people pay so much attention to grammar on forums, especially one for stoners lol ...
  5. nice nugs, we get alot of the straight diesel around where i am too. i have to keep that shit in a jar 24/7
  6. All of it looks fire. Love the smell of sour. Always have some saved(in a mason jar). Enjoy man.
  7. Trainwreck isnt my fav esp when playing poker. I heard sour lifesaver is bomb though.
  8. #8 Retrosole, Nov 28, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 28, 2011
    Thanks folks, just bought a gram of some haze tonight that has that great signature haze smell/taste that I can't really describe. This high is great also cause it's almost like a stimulant - racing thoughts, tons of energy and clear thinking.

  9. my kinda dank trich COVERED nuggest
  10. thanks holmes, means a lot coming from a grower like yourself

    what you got in the garden currently?
  11. for sure some diesel you got there
  12. I have some sick haze now. Do you like the diesel better than the lifesaver?
  13. nice man got any pics? haze is my favorite category of weed you just can't beat that racy high and distinct smell/taste.

    The diesel is stronger but the lifesaver has one of the best smells I've ever come across and its also a very pungent smell that sticks to everything. The best way I can describe the smell/taste is imagine you took a slab of swiss cheese and smashed a bunch of rasberries on it.
  14. looks like some sweet dank, and a fellow NYer. stay lifted buddy!
  15. Hopefully hes a islander
  16. Nice share man, great lookin buds. I need a GC sign for the next time I'm in the city, haha.
  17. there should be a suite set up for a GC meet in the tri-state area. that would be suite (pardon the pun).

  18. Yup, 516 here what about you?

  19. I ran out but next time i will try to host them. Called my dude and hes not round now. Super lemon haze is my fav and i heard lemon skunk bomb too. Haze isnt my fav because the next day you are in like a haze. Sour lifesaver is bomb too never tried it though

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