Dangreens First grow with Diesel Ryder.

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  1. Yesterday i received my Diesel Ryder seeds from The Joint Doctor. Using paper towel method for germinating. I will be doing them in a Home box 56x56x6.5. with a 600watt HPS on a 20/4 cycle. This is my first indoor grow ever but I've been doing a lot of research so i hope it turns out good. I will be using soil from Roots Organic also will be using there Nuts. I have been warned that the plants give off potent oder when flowering so i am using a carbon coal filter to eliminate the smell.

    Also i will be planning on pollinating 1-2 female plants with a 1-2 male plants in a separate room for future grow seeds. I figure if i get a lot of seeds will save me time later. Then I can pull out male plants and have seeds to replace them with to keep a constant cycle. Only thing i am thinking is i am gonna need a bigger fan for my carbon coal filter does not seem to keep up very well but we shall see. I will keep this updated and any advice would be much appreciated.
  2. is there anyway you can reduce the overall length of ducting you've used? you would be amazed how much more efficient your vent system will run if you can reduce the length and number of bends in the system. might mean you don't need a new fan as well.

    good luck man, you seem to have the right gear looking at the pics
  3. good luck bro. its a long journey.:)
  4. Nice setup, good luck with your Diesel Ryder, it's a great strain to grow, you'll love it!

    Good Luck!
  5. Yea i am gonna try and reconfigure that ducting. The intake is working great right now, but i need to shorten the ducting on the light and filter. Was hoping the home box i ordered would have had more exhaust holes. so i might end up fabricating some. Also maybe after couple harvest i will put in a Co2 injection system in.

    Also the seeds that i got seemed pretty small anyone know if thats usual for a auto flower?
  6. It's usual for the Joint Doctor, mine were small too.
  7. So i decided to trim down the ducting i had way to much going on i cut about 4ft off so exhaust should flow better. Ill put some more pics up when the seeds germinate. Ive heard a lot of good things about diesel ryder. I have done some LR#2 outdoors which were pretty nice little plant and good smoke.

    Hopefully will get decent yields and good smoke. If not i got some dutch passion clones lined up :D
  8. So 9 out of the 10 seeds have popped and been planted. Last seed is the smallest one and i don't know if it will work. Hopefully in a few days they will start coming out of the dirt and ill post new pics.
    Little bit worried about the heat though I've been able to keep the room under 82 degrees with the light on but friday its supposed to be 95-100 degree's. Might have to go buy a A/C unit for it. Any suggestions about A/C unit.
  9. Nice set up dude. Rep+.

    I use a window AC unit to cool my box down. If you have an intake for fresh air on your box, or yo ucan make one, you can use an AC unit to cool it. Otherwise, try to beef up your exhaust and put a strong fan on your light.
  10. Thanx Judas

    Yea i have a intake that works pretty good but its not pulling in cool air cause the room its in is about 80 degrees. I think im gonna go scope out window units in a few days.

    Also this is a Pic of a bagseed plant i have outdoors not sure what it is but just started flowering and it looks female.
  11. nice plant man !
    nd good luck with the diesel ryders im tuned in
  12. Ya man if you check out my grow thread you'll see that I had a bad problem with heat. It was gettin up to 95-98 degrees in my closet with the door closed and the fans and stuff running. I had to pick up a cheap, small AC unit and since then it's been smooth sailing heat-wise. With the door closed now I run 83 at max which is waaaaaay better. But I'm on 24/0 so during the day I just leave the door open and it stay between 70-75 in the closet. Definitely pick one up if you're able to and can't figure out a better solution. But really, I think the AC unit is the way to go...just my opinion though.

    Good luck, I'm gonna keep an eye on this one. Especially since we're running kinda close as far as timing goes.
  13. Today i went and bought a A/C unit much better for cooling. Also 5 of my seedlings have sprouted out of the soil. I took some pics but my cam really sucks so wont be anymore pics till they get larger they are blurry.
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    Thank god i got that A/C it hit 102 degrees today. A/C keeping room about 80. Ill post new pics in a couple days they are getting a lot bigger. Also my last seed that did not wanna germ, i decided to take a pair of tweezers and cracked the shell. I heard this works so i placed it back in between the paper towels and it actually worked. I'm stoked.....
  15. Here are some pictures of the little guys, and a picture of a clipping from the one i have outside. Not sure if the clipping will work without the cloning solution never done them before but we shall see.
  16. So now i am having a issue with having the A/C in the tent-grow room. First thing is the heat from the exhaust which i kinda had control over I could keep it somewhat exhausting out of the room. Second off. Well i checked my situation a little while ago and the complete bottom of my floor was flooded with water from it. I have the tent in the garage and its really hot in there with this weather. So i need it cooler. I have a window in the garage but i don't really want neighbors wondering why i a/c my garage any suggestions or ideas would be great thanx.

    I was thinking about designing a wood box to surround the a/c unit like a window would with a exhaust 4inch tapped into my other exhaust, and somehow put a slide able pan or water catch underneath it to collect the water.
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    Day 8 Some plants are starting there 3rd set of leaves. I'm having trouble with one of the plants maybe bad genetics. It started developing its second set of leaves but they have stayed really small for a while and look dark almost burnt green then they look really light green in the middle. I haven't used any nutes yet with this soil. Ill wait till about 3rd week to give them anything. Does anyone have a idea what is going on with it? I'm gonna leave it alone for now.

    First pic is the plant that looks retarded sorry hard to get clear shots.
  18. Updated pics better quality. And some of my real garden my bong and outdoor bagseed plant and some nugs my friend gave me today.
  19. This interest anyone or am i typing to myself ? :confused:
  20. I'm watxching!!! Nice job so far dangreen! :hello:

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