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Dangers Of Marijuana

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by lil leg, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. So i smoke a bit and want to know what can happen from high usage of marijuana.
    P.S Ive seen superhigh me
  2. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and other lung problems (not cancer though) if you smoke alot of it over a long period of time.

    Other dangers are prolonged use (say 10+ years) you'll be more at risk for schizophrenia and other brain disorders.

    Marijuana might not kill you but it will sure fuck you up, but who cares, lets all get high :smoke:
  3. Smoke in moderation and you should be fine. I would only smoke untill it wasn't enjoyable anymore, realize that your body changes. Sometimes people have a hard time coping with this realization.
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    None of that is true it is unbelievable that such an ignorant person can occupy a forum that is all about educating the ignorant.

    Marijuana does not "fuck you up" whatsoever. Do about 5 minutes of research. PLEASE.

    On topic:The dangers of marijuana are an arrest record and social stigma.
  5. If you seen super high me you should know that there are not any critical dangers
  6. The biggest danger is seeing through the BS that is modern society. Or bronchitis.
  7. Apparently if you smoke too much you run the risk of posting unnecessary questions in mmj forums. That being said, you run the risk of the munchies, getting caught, and the (small) risk of inflaming latent mental disorders. That's about as negative as it gets
  8. Smoking, in general (doesn't matter whether its smoke-able herbs or tobacco), because of the carbon monoxide you end up inhaling, does cause, or at least in crease your risks, of some health problems.

    If you have issues with wound healing, for instance, it could be exacerbated by smoking. Preexisting cardiovascular disease( and the health problems it causes) could also be worsened by smoking. You might increase your risks of macular degeneration (and make existing macular degeneration worse).

    There's speculation that MJ's ability to lower internal eye-pressure, though good for glaucoma, might increase the likelihood of the dry form of macular degeneration, converting to the wet form (the more damaging form), and of course, make any existing form of macular degeneration worse.

    As far as I know, you can avoid the issues that carbon monixide produced by smoking might cause by switching to vaporizing (or edibles).

  9. actually this study might prove you otherwise :D

    20 Year Study Shows Marijuana Doesn't Harm Your Lungs | Complex
  10. The only real danger, as Budbro93 said, is making certain mental disorders surface, like schizophrenia or chronic anxiety.
  11. yeah man, you'll probably get really high.
  12. If you have anxiety problems weed can sometimes make it worse. Although a lot of people have had success treating their anxiety with cannabis.

    Your lungs will be fine, even with heavy use, if you're worried about that though you can use a vaporizer or make edibles.
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    weed doesn't CAUSE schizophrenia. if you're someone who's predisposed to schizophrenia, something else will trigger it eventually. remember the big scare with the gardasil vaccine they made all the girls get in highschool? and parents were all bent out of shape because people were saying it CAUSED autism? if not weed (of all things, really?) something else.

    that being said, marijuana isn't for everyone. it should be every individual's concious decision whether or not they try it. if you think your anxiety isn't going to handle it, maybe you probably shouldn't smoke pot. personally though, through a combination of meds and weed, it has done wonders for my social anxiety. but everyone's different right
  14. It makes life like adventure time and adventure time like porn
  15. it can damage your lungs over time but (not actual fact just my feeling) one good drag on a cig feels like it dose more damage then the all my 7 years of smoking weed so i wouldn't be worried

  16. Quoted the truth right here people.

  17. The schizo and brain disorder thing is only true if you already have the disorder.marijuana cannot and I mean cannot give you any brain disorders including schizo
  18. Everything is dangerous to an extent if you smoke it.
  19. weed is only bad because ur inhaling smoke in ur lungs but not nearly as bad as cigarattes and the second one is because it makes u tired for the rest of the day atleast it does for me but no serious health problems

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