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Dangers in going to the airport high?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by tomatointhesand, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone... I have a flight leaving in a few hours, and I'm curious about any dangers that might accompany being in the airport after smoking a joint or two. Any experiences? Will I have to make friends with drug dogs?
  2. doubt it- you should be fine bro. goodluck!:cool:
  3. If your just high you shouldnt have to worry about anything. If you have anything with you then yes you should be worried. but I bet you can some what control yourself.
  4. only danger is forgetting about your flight haha
  5. Okay, I've been to the airport high a few times; no problems but you'll lose the buzz pretty quickly if you don't have someone to deal with all the nasty airport crap. Basically, -be very friggin' careful- about ensuring that you have all your shite, about making sure you do everything right (boarding times, taking care of luggage, etc.) Remember, it's -very- easy to be forgetful when you're high, so it might not be such a smart idea to do it when you're alone on a trip.
  6. you can't get arrested for being high, they have absoloutely no proof unless you are possessing.
  7. Done it a couple times.
    Just member your shit, like they said up there.
    But DO NOT carry any with u.
  8. yeah it went fine, i was happy as shit. the waiting around is much better high. and damn man the actual flying is crazzzzy shit high. definitely a good experience.
  9. I was worried they were going to find my nitrous cracker and get me for it, but nothin happened, its just paraphernalia. haha and now that I'm here i need to find some weed and some nitrous.
  10. id be more worried about forgetting my time or getting lost to be honest. and with all those shops and the food courts it wouldnt take long for my attention to wander.

    plus i hate dealing with counter people when im stoned. for some reason they just dont seem real.
  11. I love Amyls.
  12. Flying high is the way to go. You can park in long term parking and blaze down a bit cus they hardly ever patrol those areas. Once you get in I don't really find it hard to remember all the's pretty easy. And yes, actually being on the plane high is AWESOME.
  13. All the cops and security would make me uneasy if i was stoned. Is it really that easy to get fucked if you're possessing?
  14. It's not easy to get caught at the airport! My friend used to just get an ounce of bud in a vaccuum bag and fly out of state for vacation! That's a felony charge but getting caught is hard.
  15. other than forgetting your luggage somewhere or forgetting about the flight, as long as you don't have anything on you, no problem!
  16. Before I went to the airport during the Christmas break, I was up all night smoking Kief and I was really fucked when I went to the ariport. Nothing happens.
  17. I find being in an airplane sober is exciting enough so taking off while high must be CRAAAZY

    Does anyone else think it's pretty awesome that we live in such a technologicaly advanced aged that any bum can have the experience of seeing the world from thousands of feet above the ground in a machine that can fly over the clouds? Bitch, even JESUS didn't get to fly over the Atlantic!

    I'll smoke one up for the Wright brothers or some shit:smoke:
  18. just play it safe and eat a fire craacker before you check in
  19. I flew from San Jose to New York stoned off my ass on some cannabutter and some white widow I smoked on the car ride over. Then my flight was delayed and I just sat there groovin to music. The flight itself was beautiful, it started around sunrise in cali and I saw the whole US illuminated, cities, mountains, everything. It was surreal.

    I was also holding hehe

  20. Hahahah oh shit.

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