Dangerous Things Happening

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by GoBLiN, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. Recently it seems at my school and neighboring schools around mine things have been extremely dangerous and crazy. Full of chaos.

    Last Thursday a teacher at my school was mugged by two dudes with shotguns in the middle of the day. The day after that there was a huge fight , involving six kids. My friend tries to break it up and an administrator hits him. So what does my friend do ? He decides to beat the mess outta the administrator sending him home with a bloody nose and a black eye. Yesterday , there was another fight and a different administrator got decked right in the face by a metal chair and had to get bandaged up. A couple weeks ago at a different school a kid came to school with an AK-47 in his pants leg. It just seems things are getting a little crazy , I'm just wondering what's next.
  2. jesus where the fuck do you live??
  3. where the fuck are you at? im staying away from there dude...
  4. I live in Mobile , Alabama. But the Ak-47 incident happened in Prichard. I was in Prichard today to pick up some green. It's the ghetto there basically.
  5. damn bro i live in texas and nothing like this EVER happens where im from. like who the fuck brings an ak to school?? you can't tell me that that sounds like a good idea man. someeee people
  6. The world is getting crazier and crazier, there is so little good and so much bad.

    I thank god everyday my parents can provide me a safe place to be.

    Well, safe a relative term.
  7. No need to worry my pretty child, my sweet one. The Revelation is drawing near, it is then that we will all be at peace. :)
  8. Dang dude that's intense

    just wanted to say one thing tho...

    Whenever someone says Mobile *insert state*, i think of the Leprachaun and I WANNA KNOW WHERE DA GOLD song...if you havent seen it it's on youtube lol

    actually here:
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZfyrIPw3wY&feature=related"]YouTube - Leprechaun gimme da gold rap video[/ame]
  9. everyone just needs to smoke more.
  10. "to me it look like a leprechaun to me..all you gotta do look up in tha tree who else seen tha leprechaun say yeah!"
  11. This thread has already taking a huge turn right now, :) but ya dood crazy shit. Id be shitting my self if someone brought a....a...well not that i think about it my school was no fucking farm fresh apple either. but no god damm aK:S! i tellz you that. :D
  12. oh shit you live in mobile? i live right across the line haha, its a drought here bad, can you still get it over there?
  13. damn thats wild as hell

    i wish some shit like that popped off where im staying (name says it all lmao)
  14. Im stayin the fuck away from mobile.:hide:
  15. If I were you, I would get the fuck out of that town as soon as I finished school.
  16. You should share your concerns with your parents. Sometimes it is the parents responsibility to do whats necessary (move, etc.) to protect their child and control the environment they are thrust into.
  17. Yeah, dude. I know what you mean. I am away at college right now, but my high-school was recently on CNN for that bus fight.
  18. I think that bud laced with meth is going around everywhere making ppl more aggressive. (hahaha no one beleives me)
  19. Where da gold at!? I want da gold!!
  20. Haha , yeah I've seen that video. That took place in Crichton. My friend I burn with sometimes lives over there. And to answer whoever asked me if I can still find bud. Yes , I can. Junk's rampant. It's literally everywhere. If I threw a rock in the middle of a crowd of people at the school I goto there's like a 99.8 percent chance they're holding bud on them. There's definitely no drought here.

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