D'Angelos vs Subway

Discussion in 'General' started by Foop, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Okay I figured it was time for this thread because so many damn people on these boards seem to embrace Subway... Don't ask me why, that shit isn't even fit for a crackhead. "sandwhich artist"? You fucking kidding me? Helen Keller could make me a better ham and swiss.

    So this is a thread to see just which franchised sandwich company is best (sorry I left out Quiznos, but this is New Hampshire, we don't have Quiznos) And if you voted for Subway please post up and tell me why, because I'll just chalk it up to mental illness unless you give me a reason.
  2. Oh man, that was funny. Ive said it before and Ill say it again, subway isnt meant for human consumption, and whoever reads this who eats there, next time your there, look at the roast beef from different angles, looks like a damn hollagram.

    Only sammich place I have found that I think is worthy, is this little mom and pop deli down the street. Expensive though.
  3. I have a quiznos in my area and shit, i live in the most rural part of NH.
    So im gonna go with Quiznos, Subway a close second.
  4. Never been to D'Angelos but I prefer Quiznos over Subway. I really like the Chicken Carbanara and the turkey bacon guac sandwiches. Subway is decent though and I really like their meatball marinara.

  5. You must live North of the White Mountains then. The only Quiznos I know of in the Southern region is in Manchester, and it's a shithole.

    I'm definitely a bigger fan of D'Angelos cause their bread is leaps and bounds better and their turkey is amazing.... Although there is a deli about a street and a half down that makes a damn good sandwich, best swiss cheese ever.
  6. everyone that works at subway here is a crazy like, drug addict.

    sooooo subway.
  7. My vote is for Other.

    Jimmy Johns FTW!
  8. I prefer going to sandwich places that are not a chain restaurant, they seem to be more better and tastier
  9. How predictable
  10. Jimmy Johns.
  11. Never heard of D'Angelos... My vote was for Quiznos but I haven't ate there in awhile. My buddy used to be a manager there when he was in college and always hooked it up. Would go there once a week smoke a couple bowls with him behind the building and then get a free sub and drink. I think tired just about ever sub in that place. My favorite was the chicken carbonara followed by the mesquite chicken w/bacon.
  12. we have this thing in seattle and i know they have them in iowa also thats called jimmy johns and it is soooo good
  13. WTF is D'Angelos?
  14. A sub shop

    Context clues are your friend
  15. Those who hate on Subway have obviously never been to my local Subway. :)

    Best subs I've ever eaten, from anywhere. Top quality, I even reviewed them in our local newspaper.
  16. People really don't know what D'Angelos is? It's not a national chain?
  17. I've heard of it...but the closest one is like three towns away and that's the only one I've ever seen
  18. meh. i voted subway cause i love sub way. id probably say subway and quiznos is the same though. sub way tastes great with basic shit, and quiznos needs like weird sauces and shit. But theyre good. so. baaaa. and $5 foot longs!!!!
    subway is deffinatley fit to eat. especially compared to mcdonalds....
  19. Hologram roast beef eh?
    Sounds believable..
  20. I voted for subway. Really only by default because there is no quiznos or d'angelos near me. Actually I dont think iv ever eaten at either. But I dont like subway that much, but if its the only thing around il eat it.

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