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  1. I'll keep this short... 6 months ago, end of august, i was kind of fired from my last job. I admit to having a stupid attitude and i still do and im scared i wont be able to keep a good job. for the last 4 months i have been looking for a job. Online apps, emails, walks ins. I have had 1 interview and about 6 phones calls. I cant fucking find a job and im about to finish my criminology course and i have shit to pay and fuckkk

    Most employers direct me to online application process een when im in front them with my resume.  I feel like im not mature enough for any job.... Im still kind of like a kid inside.

    Worst part is i don't even know what to do to make anything better. I cant sell myself to people. I cant make a brilliant impression on people. gosh, this self pitty.

    I know what to do but im too lazy to get up to speed. Its been so lame here. Nothing good and i really need a better car.... 

    Question, with my diploma will i be able to find anything good? Its basically a school for police/law enforcement and all my teachers are active police officers, most with 20+ years of experience. It just seems like a huge waste of time.  
    End rant/ I know this is all on me and im the only one that can change. I get the fact that you want to want it and go beyond that but nothing seems natural. Most of my searching is also picky. I stay away from fast food and groceries but i do have a decent job history. anyone else in a job struggle? I gotta pay a grand by the end of next month and ill probably need a vehicle in like 5 to 6.....

    Ummmm, i do have the option of going into trade school next year and i feel like ill make more buck straight out of school. But thats another 2 years..... :(........ WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY

    I jus wanna blaze and chill.... 
  2. Have you considered a part time gig giving blow jobs? Sell your butt to fat old gay guys?
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     A paycheck is a paycheck. If you enjoy having a roof over your head, food in your stomach, and a car that runs, find a job. Don't be too picky, especially considering you were fired from your last job.
    Good luck bro.
  4. Bro you don't look for a job for months. It's a yes or no type thing. If you stilllll don't have a job it's because you don't want one

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    It's kind of nice having someone to sort of relate to. I'm 18 and need to find out my life's path as well. I spend most of my days on the computer and don't have a permit, a car, or a job. I understand you on the "nothing seems natural. Most of my searching is also picky. I stay away from fast food" ,Although I would work groceries if I could.
  6. if youre in law youre either gonna be on the force, a lawyer, or a judge. since you didnt go to law school you should get yourself on the force
  7. That's the plan but I need at least 3 years clear of pot plus life experience so I was planning on doing that in 5 to 7 years depending on how shit goes. At this point I can apply for border services and do that. Not sure but I could use a job where I dont need to interact with people lol, I hate people

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  8. Haha if it was that easy. I need a job. I'll take pretty much anything but still nothing goes trough. I guess if i really want a job I might make a better first impression as opposed to just needing a job for money. Whatever, I have been trying my ass off

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  9. Atleast youhave a car.
    Be a pizza boy.

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  10. Bro get moar student loans and be a lawyer brah. Like Saul Goodman.

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