Dandelion Conundrum

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    Hey GC,
    Figured I would throw you guys a question before day 2 of my world conquest
    Recently went and collected about a pound or so of dandelions, and started brewing up some FPE.
    Its a multifaceted question so bear with me;
    - I wanted to use a half a lb of brown sugar to draw out moisture but my LAB is already cut with molasses so my first question is do you think that is to much sugar being added to the D's?
    -Second once extracted and cut with water do you think it would be better as quick top feed or brewed up and mixed with other things in AACT(Kelp,Aloe or honey,etc) I only ask this because I made a very nice humus probably not completely on track with its C/N ratio but good and the plants respond well to it.
    -Also can someone tell me why if it doesn't matter through traditional n-P-k values, because you are trying to incorporate the full 83 into the soil do you give high bacteria or fungi teas through different parts of the grow, Basically I'm saying i understand their processes, what they do, and why they are important(bacteria eating and excreting plant solubles, fungi eating and creating pathways and aggregates to the roots for nutrient assimilation) because my last transplant i brewed an AACT up for about 18 hours or so trying to hopefully aim for nice fungal tea but really this is my first time messing around with this stuff and I didn't know if i was brewing it up for the right amount of time really if there was any type of life going on or just aerated nutrients lol, so i guess if someone can break it down I would be grateful.
    -I bought Drammatic K with fish hydroslate and kelp and i just wanted to know if you guys and gals thought i could use that for my AACTs or should i just stick to powdered kelp, I just like incorporating the fish food stock into the brew but I also didn't know if the microbial life could really eat that stuff.
    -Last question do you always have to water with complete saturation when watering, I have been having a debate with a fellow grower on the subject; I always say you should just so there are no dry pockets, and the adverse for his side just wanted some insight.
    Thanks a lot everyone sorry if the questions are dumb and lengthy but just trying to further expand my compendium o knowledge on the subject. :yummy:
    Happy growing

  2. All I can say is what I've done so far, in regards to ACTs.
    I stopped trying to figure out a fungal/bacterial timeframe and just aim for balanced now. With a healthy soil system, everything should be present; all an ACT is for is to introduce or add more numbers of microbial life. My take on it is you only need to apply it to help establish or replenish the fauna, therefore once or twice should be sufficient as long as there is enough structure and food for them to encourage proliferation.
    But this is just my own 2c, take it with a grain of salt.
  3. Thank you friend I appreciate the wise two cents.
    My babies so far :] they are Black Jack

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  4. Rocket science in today's marijuana growing :)
  5. Well you know  :devious:
    Happy growing. 

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