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dan k in wisconsin's pick-ups

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by dan k, May 24, 2010.

  1. #1 dan k, May 24, 2010
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    so my last thread got closed after 20,000 views .
    so here is my new one. i feel that the danker pick ups still need to be seen so this first few pages will probably be uber dank old pick ups

    all of these where picked up in green bay, appleton or somewhere in between.
    most of it comes from colorado, california, madison, or canada for the most part

    The camera i use is a canon a1000is point and shoot(got for $75 on ebay) no special lights, usually just the flash, sometimes with a napkin over the flash.

    casey jones on the left, afgooXsweet island skunk on the right
    both grown in madison

    heres some shiva skunk i picked up yesterday

    some hash i got a while ago
    looks green cause of the flash.

    grand daddy purp

    ice creamXskunk#1

    head band

    blue cheese

    white widdowXafgoo


    green crack




    big budXnyc diesel

    cali big bud

    blue dragon

    skunkXXX grown in green bay

    outdoor sensi star

    ill finish later.
  2. dank as always dan! i missed your thread for the whole ~24 hours it was closed, it was one of the best on the site.
  3. hell yeah dan k shit looks bomb
    anything over 4 is a little steep for an oz...
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  5. You always make me jealous, dan k in Wisconsin.
  6. that shiva skunk looks bomb O.O
  7. Really sorry bout that thread, wish I wouldnt have moved it now, glad to see your up and running again already :)

    Expect to see some dankness
  8. #9 dan k, May 24, 2010
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    purple magic

    outdoor arcata trainwreck

    master kush

    master kush and some full melt hash

    double strawberry diesel

    casey jones (trainwreckXthaiXsour diesel) madison grown

    thats it for now, let me know if you guys wanna see the regular nugget too.
  9. reg like mids or what?
  10. whats mids?

    no, just no name nug.
  11. #12 dan k, May 24, 2010
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    edit:moved to 2nd page so this loads a little faster
  12. I wondered where your thread was..

    Nice pickups man, thanks for posting all those pics. I'm subscribed for sure :smoke:
  13. im kinda curious...
    how long does this page take to load all of the pictures for you guys?
    it takes like 2 or 3 mins for me, but i have shitty-middle-of-nowhere internet that peaks at 300kps every now and then but its usually more like 50-100kbps
  14. ive got some pretty awsome high speed internet. 8 mbps download, and its taking forever
  15. i noticed if you keep refreshing it it loads the a lot faster
  16. Beautiful Pick ups man, i envy you, hop across lake michigan share the wealth, best pickups ive seen on gc.
  17. Man!! Some of these buds look SO DANK! Stick to the wall DANK!

    I am jealous. Great pics too.

    Thanks for sharing.
  18. DANK buds

    sub'd :wave:
  19. Nice pickups man I missed a lot of them because of my damn iPhone. Very nice herb tho happy smokes mane

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