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  1. I just had a green poison seed sprout and die out, I was wondering what possibly causes this? A little about what I used

    Fox farm organic soil, a little mycorrhizal in the soil before planting.
    100w cfl, about 4 inches away maybe
    Watering with zeus juice seaweed extract.
    Ph 6.3
    Ppm 170
    Just spraying the soil with a water bottle really. I may have let it dry out to much today because I worked over time.

    I know some seeds just don't end up making it sometimes, but if it was an error on my part I want to be able to narrow it down and avoid this situation again.

    Much love

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  2. What FF soil? Ocean forest is known to be hot for seedlings, any extra nutes in that case would only hurt them, unless you know they the soil was too dry for the baby to live, it was the Zeus

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  3. Damn it is ocean forest . What could I do to prevent this from happening if I use the same soil for another seedling? My temps aren't cool, it's always between 73 and 78 max. Night time about 69 or 70. When I used the zues I barely used any at all in a decent amount of Ph' d water.

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  4. Maybe use plain ph water until it grows a little more ? Or completely avoiding the soil for seedlings all together

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  5. Happy Frog works OK for seedlings or a mixture of the two. That's what I do, I've read that the Ocean Forest can be inconsistent but is good for bigger plants.

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  6. I almost got happy frog to. I'll mix the two together with some mycorrhizal with the next seedling. I also just transplanted a 4 week old plant from hot soil to that fox farm ocean forest. Any take on that? I've heard don't change soil and also do if it's hot asap.

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  7. A 4 week old plant should handle Ocean Forest just fine. I use mycorrhizae also, I think it really helps.

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