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Damp weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sulli, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. Hey guys. I moved to a new city and found a hookup. I'm not entirely too sure if "damp" is the right word, but the weed I get is certainly not like what I'm used to.

    I checked my bro's stash, who lives in Toronto, and sure enough it was like what I was accustomed to. I can take some weed between my fingers, rub it, and it'll break up like cookie crumbs. However, the stuff I get, I can feel each leaf as I pull it apart, and have to 'stretch out' the leaves to break it. So I can't break it down as fine as I want (basically pulling leaves apart to half it's size). And my fingers get pretty sticky afterwards.

    I was wondering why this could be. Is the grower not drying it enough? Or is this pretty normal?

    Here's some pics.

    Other side

    And here's what it looks like when I 'cut' it down.
  2. it prob wasnt cured. just let it sit out for a while until its dry
  3. It could just be sticky bud. Best bet is to see how it burns. If it is too damp to burn properly then either put it into a jar and open the lid for an hour or two, every so often, until it becomes dry enough, or put it in a paper bag/ leave it out etc.
  4. It looks tasty!
  5. Haha what the hell.
    During the time I cut it up, take pics, write my post and reading it, the 'cut' weed I left out became dry enough to start crumbling. I guess I never gave it a chance to dry up.

    Thanks for your responses :D
  6. mmmmmmmmmm... have fun with that, looks nice =D
  7. Looks like some kill, certain plants have denser buds than other. All the dank I get is like the bud you describe not once has it been dry. The mids I buy however is usually a littler dryer and breaks into smalls nugs like you said you buddy had.
  8. Most likely the weed hasnt been given the correct amount of time to dry and there has been no curing.

    This is common where i live, a lot of street weed tends to be like that! Feels bushy not crispy.

    Itll smoke just fine, but you will lose out in weight once its dry. Also it doesnt smell half as good in that state!

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