Damp Smell ? anythin to worry about ??

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by mad1, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Just been in ma GR n realized it smells different and not very nice :( kinda damp maybe ... anyway i checked all ma plants thoroughly and cant see anything at all, as the buds arn't that big (3 weeks) i dont think theres any mould or owt inside, does any1 have any advice on what it could be or what i should do ???
  2. or am i just worrying abot nothing
  3. Most growers dont realize that their noses can also be a valuable

    This happens from time to time and its normal - especially for soil grows.

    If it happens too much tho, its usually the precursor to either mold or mildew
    and that means it would be a good idea to lower humidity and make sure the
    ventilation is adequate.

  4. nice 1 :)

    been in this mornin and it smells a lot betta ... got scared for a min as i thought the fruits of my labour were gonna smell like a wet dog lol ....... cheers
  5. Keep the air moving and you'll be ok, like they said it is something that happens when something else is going awray but in and of itself does not mean much.

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