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Damnnit! I'm fucked!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Unknown, Nov 13, 2002.

  1. Ahhh damn. The pigs just wont leave me seems they are following me...I can't get away.

    Today, I went out to smoke a few cigs with my friends (seeing as we have open campus for the freshmen) and lo-and-behold, look who comes crusin around the corner in a cruser...Officer Anderson and the new cop trainee.

    Well, I hadnt lit up yet, only alex and kory were puffin' away and there was a cig in my mouth and a lighter 2 inches away from it...aflame.

    At this time I hadn't realized the cop car was behind us. I was about to inhale when all of the sudden I sneeze...the cig goes flying into the grass and i pocket the lighter and go walking tword the cig...thats when they do it...the cop car comes to a halt beside us.

    "Oh shit!" I thought as I fondle the lighter in my pocket...remembering the two packs of cigs in my bag and a joint.

    "Good day boys. What are all of your ages?" he says as he sizes me up.

    "14, but I know what your thinking, and no..i have asthma." I pushed out with a fake quivering breath.

    "Oh no son, I wasnt talking to you I didn't see you smoking."


    She then quickly turns to Alex.

    "I..I'm 16" Alex looks like hes about to puke.

    "Looks like we got another one..." Anderson says as she steps out of the car and closes the door. "So, why do you smoke?"

    The trainee turns to Alex. "Well?"

    "I...I...don't, this is my second time." Alex stutters.

    Anderson smiles, "Do you have any more cigarettes?"

    "No, no this is my only one."

    "Then what is that in your bag?" A corner of a small box is sticking out of alex's side pocket (Camel: Turkish Gold, my favorite)

    "I dunno where it came from."

    "Sure, mind if I search your bag? Alex, why dont you sit in back here while I do it. Thanks. Wait, Mike, pat him down first."

    As Mike went to work, I saw Anderson set the bag on the trunk as she went over to Kory. She did the same routine as she did with alex, he could have gotten away scott-free, that is, if he hadnt lied. Kory told her his last name was Mathews, and it isnt. He said

    Anderson was writing Kory a ticket for lieng to the PoPo(she found out by calling the school and looking to see if a Kory Mathews was enrolled, obviously he wasn't) and for being a M.I.P.

    And I, well, I sat there untill Anderson came to me asking why I was still there. That was my signal to move out. I would ave earlier, but at the chance of making her suspicious and having her search my bag...I thought otherwise, I waited until I was excused.

    See, I was trying to be smart. I suggested we go to the woods were no one can see us through the thick brush, but alex tried to re-assure me...

    "No its fine, it aint like we gonna get caught. No cops come down here, its safe..."

    Yeah, sure...its safe.

    - Unknown
  2. I'll tell you guys what happened to alex tomorrow when I find out.
  3. You are having alot of bad luck... Cops and balls in a drawer, Damn........ You could use time off for having so much fun!
  4. I know...(sobs quietly)...can I stay with you for a few days? or weeks?...or maybe a few months?
  5. Only if you leave the cops and your girlfriend behind!
  6. Be glad to...Ah, it will get better, my b-day is cominn up on friday and I gets some free shit...and the funny thing parents are completely nieve about all this...they have no clue I even have a chick::)

  7. yeah, both are trouble in my book. ;)
  8. Well, she aint quite my girl no more seeing as i broke up with her psycho ass.

    God have mercy on her soul
  9. dude that sucks, what happened to you man.
    ill smoke a bowl for good luck for you
  10. I'll smoke a bowl anyway, but I'll make a sepcial one for you, especially since House of Pain is on TV and I just wanna JUMP!


  11. She slammed my balls in a dresser. but there ok now, so, titty twister time!
  12. Hehehe...I just noticed I called Officer Anderson a "he" in a few points in the story...hahaha....BURN! lmfao

  13. hehe, i hope you were choking, cuz if you werent and I were in that situation, I think I would try and kill myself because of the pain. Just imagine, foooo WHAP, AHHHHHHHHHHH

    endless screaming fo rhours and hours and hours, Sorry man. ;)

    peace to all my good friends
  14. yeah. never agree to a search of any kind. just keep asking "am i free to go or am i arrested?' if you aren't going to be arrested, leave.

    (this will not work if you have a bag pokin' out of your pocket)
  15. Yeah, it sux

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