Damnn Klonopin is amazing

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Billy Mays, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Its pretty much my dream come true. Quick Summary:

    I can't drink because of severe pelvic and stomach problems. Can't get drunk. Wanted to for a year.

    Finally got prescribed some .5 clorezepam or whatever and it eases my anxiety awesome at .5-1mg and its like the best drunk feeling in the world at 2.0-2.5mgs.

    Smoke a bowl of dank + 2mg Klonopin = fun, slightly stumbly/drunk , no anxiety, chill fucking high.

    Now I can go and chill with my friends who drink again, I always felt uncomfortable since they were just drinking to get smashed, now I can get pretty damn close to their level. Its definitly added some more social aspects to my life. I'm so easy to talk to on it.

    I only take high doses maybe once a weekend and use it sparringly during the week so as not to get addicted though.

    You guys?
  2. klonopin is amazing....i just bought my first five 1mg pills for 20$ dono if thats a bad deal or not but it was worht it to me. I just took 2mg and im pretty fucked up, i love the high it gives ya.
  3. billy mays is a drug addict, i never thought i would see the day............ lol

    i haven't taken kpins but i've had an experience with xanax and it was pretty fuckin chill although i barely remember what happened..... :(
  4. Same here.. cant drink for the same reasons as you and i love them. but mine are legal:p nvm yours are legal too i see.:D
  5. Yeah, I'm on a K-pin and Tab right now feelin chill. I really need to up my dose a bit and throw in a blunt and maybe a few beers and I'd be right where I need to be :)
  6. ya man kpins are dank. bunch of us would take them at work, cause wed all get super baked before and then couldnt smoke from like 4 to 10 so wed just pop a few of those to pick up. got some of the biggest tips when i was high on klonos:D

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