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  1. I'm quite frustrated - due to the fact that despite countless efforts to locate and obtain some mescaline, I still have none.

    What the hell happened to all the mescaline? LOL, I mean, 95% of people I asked hadn't even heard of it!

    Anyone got any pointers?
  2. Find crazier people? lol
  3. LoL, man, I've asked some of the craziest we've got.

    I've talked to Tweakers, Acid Freaks, Stoners, Pill Poppers, Old Hippies, Drunks, and the homeless (not really the homeless, but I thought I'd add that for emphasis. Haha), and still to no avail.
  4. Prob just not around in your area then =/

    Ive never looked for it :D
  5. Ask the half-naked indian that appears in your dreams.
  6. Yes I'm the GC preacher so I'll say the same to you as I do to all other posts like this.

    You could not ask anyone at all and not do mescaline :)
  7. oh mescaline, oh how i want some yet nobodfy knows what it is, how the hell don't you know, but in a month or so i should come across some
  8. Yes Blaze, I could NOT do that. Then again, I want to do that. I enjoy doing that, and I will continue to do so until I feel unfit.

    A suggestion I understand... although, I do not find this constructive in any way towards what I am asking. I made the choice to do it, I enjoyed it, and I made the choice to do it again. So it is really not a matter of wheter or not I want to do it, rather then a matter of suggesting on how I go about finding it.

    *edit* I just realized two blaze names posted. LoL, this is directed to the first Blaze_it_up -
  9. Yes, but I feel better knowing I at least warned you against harder drugs, even if I know you wont take my advice :) your body, go head
  10. I'm in the same situation Durban. I've been on the hunt for some good mescaline for about a year and it seems like I get the closest to obtaining some at concerts. Hopefully the DMB concert in july will provide me an oppurtunity to buy some high quality mescaline. From what i've read it seems to be a pretty good trip.
  11. Herb not good enough?
  12. Well my ma did alot of mescaline....

    Well i don't reccomend it ill say that...

    But from around the streets of the hood, The Dirty D. Mescaline dont exist or very rare these days.

    Fucka mescaline anyways.
  13. San pedro??
  14. someone care to explain what this shit does to you?

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