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  1. Just a note to all Da Buddha owners.
    Today i went to cleaning my housing and wand, the wand cleaned up perfect, it looks perfectly brand new.
    Then i went to the housing. My cousin blew back into the wand on accident, and stained the back of the glass housing with resin. It wouldnt come off with iso and salt so i used a toothbrush to get inside there. It was all going good untill my my hand slipped and i pushed the wrong way. AGH.
    The bottom of the housing broke in 2 pieces. this is TERRIBLE.
    BUT. i hit up tokinvapesGLX' website and ordered a new one and its all good.

    I just wanted to let all of you Da buddha users out there know when cleaning the housing be VERY careful...and pay attention.
  2. im buying some of those housings and putting them on my hakko.

    dbv in my hand! lol
  3. Yeah, you have to be extremly careful, they break way too easily.
  4. lol i learned the hard way, surprisingly the glass was pretty thick, i just jerked a little too hard :(

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