Discussion in 'General' started by JRilla, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. Why must shrooms be so hard to get!? :mad:

    Friday night, me and a few freinds were supposed to get some shrooms. These things called gold caps. Like $40 an 8th. There was 4 of us, with 20 each, so half 8th each. Anywa, the dealer didnt have any, and wont get any till tomorrow, or sometime in the week. Realy sucks, I was hoping to shroom friday and saturday night. :(

    We bought weed instead, and I got high off my ass. :D

    Ive never done shrooms before, im hoping next weekend we willget them

    wow im high now. :)
  2. That sucks.. around here we just wait till after it rains and go out n pick em! :D
  3. Where I live shrooms arent as popular and its rather hard to get them...most dealers stop selling them because they end up with loads and loads of shrooms that nobody wants...they are so easy to grow yourself though

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