Discussion in 'General' started by cs_shoota, May 14, 2004.

  1. kinda sux, im gettin a new job, bigger and better things... i guess.... but im gunna have to take a drug test... im not asking when will it get out of my system or anything... i just gotta quit for a while, but i dont know when im gunna get the test... or if their going to give random ones

    im thinking of just smoking till the test then go out and buy a detox kit but ive heard of them not working sometimes..

    meh... ill figure out what to do
  2. you could also trick em and get some clean piss and use a couple tricks to keep the piss warm and stuff, but i guess it wouldnt work well if your gonna get random tests all the time... but i really doubt that theyre gonna stand there and watch you piss to make sure its yours or whatever, its not like you got in trouble to get the test.

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