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  1. All my life I wanted to go to college so I could get a good job and not have to strugle to make a living.

    Well the time came for me to apply to college. I found a college I really liked (Johnson & Wales RI campass for those who want to know) and I applied to it. A little while later I got a letter letting my know I got in.

    Now I was pretty happy about this time. I got into the first college I applied to and it was the one I wanted to go to.

    Now my problems start. First my whole flamily starts bitching at my about going to a college out of state and I can't get them to understand that there are no colleges in this shithole of a state that I like.

    Now it's time for problem two. My 'rents all ways said they would help me pay for college, but now there not going to be able to. It's going to be $101,000 just for tution and living on campass. Thats not including all the other stuff I'd have to pay for.

    I can't get enought in finical aid to pay for it. I'd still owe about 70,000 (best case). Theres no way I can afford that.

    So what does that mean? I get to go to a shitty tech school, get a shitty degree, and get a shitty job and strugle to make a living. Hello and welcome to the rest of my fucking life.

    Goddamnit I need to toke up and I'm dry.

    I feel a little better now that I've ranted a little. Sorry about ranting like that though. It just pisses me off really badly.
  2. Dude. If you're going for any computer or science degree, check out UMBC in Maryland. One of the best science schools around. And, it's alot cheaper. As in, your financial aid would cover it all.
  3. There are lots of schools you can go to. I didn't get to go to my first choice because it was too expensive ($24000 a year for tuition and housing), but I'm happy with the school I chose. I didn't end up at some crappy tech school either. You know, you can go to any school and then transfer to that school in a couple years and still get your degree from the school you want. And trust me, as long as you choose a normal college and make good grades, no ones going to say anything to you about the quality of education there. This isn't the end of the world for you. You just have to adjust your plans.
  4. Yeah I know. I was just really pissed off when I wrote that. Now that I've had time to think about it. I'm going to go to a tech school and take all my englishs, maths, ect and then transfer to the college I want to go to (that way I'll only have to go about 2 years or so and that I can afford).
  5. Glad you thought about it and reached a decision. I'm going to a community college (Oakland Community College) 'cause my parents aren't gonna pay a dime for my college education. Everyone at my highschool is having mommy and daddy pay for their tuitions to wherever they want to go, but not me. I'm gonna stay at OCC for a year or two then transfer once I save up some money.
  6. shit

    most of us dont even get the chance to think about going to colage

    count your self lucky

    your mom wont pay for you to go to the school you want

    my mom wouldent buy me a coat to keep warm in the winter...

    you have to pay for your own education....?so what ?

    you are an adult

    i was still a child and had to find a way to "aquire "the things i needed to stay alive ...

    no body ever handed me shit

    so count your blessings

    it could be worse

    you could be a 30 yr old roofer wondering where it all went rong

    take what they are willing to give you ...be thankfull that someone cares enuff to do anything for you

    and get on with it ....only a few short yrs till 30
  7. Almost what I was going to say, sans the 30 year old roofer part.

    Just be thankful you get to go to school at all. That's not an option for me. I'm stuck in a stupid food service job until I turn 21 just so I can get my CDL. Yippee, I'm going to be a trucker until I can afford to send myself to school! Exactly what I pictured doing when I was a kid. :rolleyes:

    All of my talent is being wasted in this pissant fucking Amish town. In a fucking Jewish deli.

    Honestly, I'd sell my soul to go to college.

    I don't think I've ever owned a winter coat. I've been living in hoodies year round in Pennsylvania winter snow.
  8. youd not be the first person do take the chance, and succeed.
    best wishes
    i was afraid of the bills and am forever regretful


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