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  1. shitty day

    I was up at like 10 today and had to mow 3 lawns so I picked my girl up for a quick roady. (I use my moms car to transport the lawnmower cause it doent fit in mine.) and she wanted to drive cause it was automatic.

    So shit at the next stop sign i got out and let her drive and you cant really see around the corner much so she was pulling out and went too fast and a van was coming at like 45 mph from the right and nailed into the front of my moms car.

    So the girl drove for not even 2 seconds and fuckng hit a car, I think thats a new world record. and shes fucked now too because she didnt have her license and Im fucked I gotta pay for my moms car, $5000.

    So much for going to college.

  2. dude, dont ever let someone drive a car that not yours....ESPECIALLY if she didnt have a license.
  3. shit man, I know that now...

    a little too late tho
  4. that's truly unfortunate news.
  5. I hate letting people drive my car and I can't even count how many people ask me. I just don't want to have to deal with a friend totaling my car (its happened to like 3 of my good friends) Especially since with my car people want to drive it cause its handling and speed but they haven't put 30 thousand miles on it in the last year like I have.
  6. how do you not know that before? you didnt know that youre not supposed to let someone drive a car that doesnt belong to you especially when that person doesnt have a licence?

    its not common sense? ......

    btw, i dont mean to get on your case but you posted this on a public forum and im just stating my opinion.

    good luck with all of that man.
  7. I know how you feel man...I had just bought a new 2000 Chevy pickup. It had like 25 miles on it when I got it home. I went to work and my worthless son in law took it for a spin without permission. He ran a red light and got T Boned. Totaled my truck.
  8. Why doesn't she pay for it?

    And there is a thing called insurance?
  9. not if the drivers not on the plan
  10. i dont think someone w/o a license can be on an insurance plan.....

    but yea man, id make HER pay for it....but at the same time you let her drive....go in 50/50 cauce yall both fucked up.
  11. i've wrecked a few cars in my day.

    i'm still paying money to insurance companies for it.

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