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  1. Damn i just got news my old GM at friendlies got fired (i was fired by him by suppposibly stealin 20$ because they had no proof who did it and me and my friend got the blame [really he didnt like us and this was one excuse he could use to get rid of us w/o us sueing for unrightful termination.. {tho i think it was because other people used the register besides us but only us 2 were suspected}]about 2 months ago) .. and i already got another job.. so i dun wanna go back really.. sucks it didnt happen sooner guys a DICK .. another kid reported him and this is his second time being reported .. first one the moved him to a diffrent store.. now hes GONE !!@@!! i hope his fat ass cant find a job and his ex wife or gf leave him and bring the kids w/ her.. cause he cant supprot them.. cause he doesnt desirve it.
  2. Sigh, unchecked power is awful, just look at GWB.
    I hope your new job is better.
  3. man....them brownies look mighty good right now.

  4. Seriously, Bobbert knows his shit!

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