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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by potheadnpothole, Aug 13, 2002.

  1. damn.....Times are tough here. WHen i have money to buy a stash the hole freakin area is dry. I have to drive over an hour to get ANY grass. Most of the time i only have a five minute drive... i was just wondering if it is dry everywhere else??
  2. not everywhere, but it is here too!
  3. It's been dry around here since all the dealers have gotten busted. But I bought 3 ounces off a friend that brought it in from out of state. I wish you luck though........I hate when I have to go on the road trip from hell just to find a decent bag.
  4. Hehehe...Never dry here :)
  5. looks like the weed gods are being stingy again... time to kick some spiritual ass! :D
  6. funny u said that
    it was dry up here to (toronto)

    well i settled for some commercial shizat
    pretty good too!
  7. Nope, plenty of weed to share around here. Although i sometimes have to go through a secondary dealer a little after school begins.
  8. Too many people are getting busted at my school....Thats why now all I do is carry a sack I put in my boxers and a penpipe and I hit that in the stairwell every couple of hours.
  9. blingdawg------- hey does that shit they they sell off the internet get you high??...i think its called weeed or something
  10. theres been a bit of a drought around here (Boston), if you call enough people you can usually find it tho.
  11. Well, I just moved to Minneapolis, MN, and my friends tell me drugs are huge here. But I haven't met anyone here yet, so I'm dry as a desert! Hopefully my plants will make up for it when they're done....
  12. its been pretty damn dry around here all month
  13. I feel your pain man...hope you find some weed soon

    I have that problem I call up random people out of my phone
  14. Shit you unlucky people, here in detroit I can always get a bag whenever i have the money to spare
  15. Sorry for the bad luck lately. I haven't had any problems all year. I guess it helps to have a dealer in the family.
  16. the problem here isn't lack of weed.. it's money. lol.. good things come to those who wait.. happy hunting :)
  17. im rarely ever dry, well cept now mostly cuz i havn't had time to get any, well theres always tomorrow and liquor.
  18. It has been more difficult to get around here lately. I rarely go without but everyone has been complaining about it being dry.
  19. Its really dry here. Hadn't had any rain in weeks. Course that keeps the grass cutting down to a minimum ;)

  20. I guess I should read the entire post rather than the last reply before adding my two cents.

    BTW, it fucking poured out of the heavens today! Going to have to cut grass this weekend!

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