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  1. Well i think my plants have had thier chips,(all most dead)first the bottom original leaves went curly and brown on the ends and now the top two are starting to do it , what can i possibly do to get them good again plz let me know ur ideas and methods on this, thanx
  2. Give us some more details on hat you are doing and how you are growing them, and maybe we can get you an answer.
  3. im growin on my window cil they get a much sun as the sun can throw at it, a water regular and i feed them every 2_3 weeks with miricle grow, i put tin foil around the plant pot to keep it warm and thats it really not much i hear u sayin but thats all ive got for the moment and its my first time so go easy with the comments plz, but by all means let me know what im doin wrong and how i can put things rite again, thanx

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    You fried them with too much heat.
  5. what can i do to get them back to normal again??????????? plz help
  6. get 'em in a cooler location, lose the tin foil, and add plenty of fluids. Pretty much the same thing to do if YOU were suffering from heat stroke.

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