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Damn ..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Half Stoned, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Over the summer I had 3 solid connections for dank bud at a good price.
    Lost 2 to college and just lost my last connection a few days ago ... :/
    I would ask my friends, but they all come to me for bud.
    A few of my friends deal, but they pick up mids and make 400% profit. It's crazy, everyone in my town smokes and they're all idiots.
    I ask around in my high school and everyone either picks up mids or they buy off this kid I have a huge problem with.
    I'm stuck. My friend who deals mids doesn't want to give up his connection. I don't blame him, he's making a killing. Since we've been good friends for a bit he sells to me at $7 bucks a gram. Basically, my question is how can I find a new dealer? None of my friends have one, so am I stuck buying mids and kbs?

    (I'm growing when it's warmer out, I live in New England and indoor growing is out of the question, live with parents + thermal helicopter in my town. Soo many growers get busted, had a 50 year old neighbor go to jail for having over 20 plants.)
  2. Ask around the school, or go hang out at local head shops. Eventually you'll find a good connect.

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