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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Beckrp888, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. i may be subtle (some see it as mean) but i ain't lyin'. search for all posts by me. not 1 lie. i'll be honest; i don't even read what her drunken posts are about. i just know she tells her "stories" in the context of a little girl and each time she always acts like she didn't bring anything on herself. you don't have any problems and i don't know why you think you do. drink a little less; stop hanging out with fuckchews; and stop wording all your stories as if you're telling some cheerleaders.
  2. stop putting her down seedy.. theres no need for it.. she probably feels bad enough as it is
  3. He's right though, all his points are valid.
  4. okay.. fuck it.. nevermind.. damn..
  5. Didn't mean to squash you. I just think people would respond to you better if you acted more like a real person. You do come off as someone trying to talk like a ditsy girl. And that situation was obviously one of your own making. But we all make mistakes so it's all good.
  6. Damn.. well i didnt mean to sound like that.. i was just trying to get a little reasurance that i am not the most horrible person in the world.. but.. i guess that kinda backfired on me.. my bad.. just forget it.. ill get over it..
  7. Hey..
    Look on the bright side..
    At least you got laid last night...


  8. all your posts sirseedy make 110% PERFECT sense, I could not have said it better myself. Comon now, lay off the alcohol and stop putting yourself in these positions. Face it, us guys are fuckers sometimes and do some pretty fucked up shit, friends or no friends. Shit happens and your gonna have to be in more controll. Its nice to drink till your buzzin, but when you loose controll like that then its a whole different story.

    This aint no highschool drama, this shits straight from middle school...

    Blaze on....
  9. i dunno but i feel like i gotta add in my 2 cents...

    from the threads ive read about you.... rob (i think thats his name?)
    always seems to be doing some dumb shit to you, leaving you passed out at a party?

    you dont need a frie.... naw i wouldnt even consider him that...

    bu i feel these people, you do seem to put yourselves in these situations... maybe you should lay low on the alcy...

    so look at the good, rob didnt seem like a reliable person to you and from this last thread, it seemed he hangs out with you just so by chance he might get lucky and actually be able to penetrate something besides his own hand...
  10. hahaha, funny shit

    Becca, by the looks of these kids... which ever one is "max".. im telling you right now he didnt/doesnt deserve you, your a good looking girl and these kids dont look to trustworthy

  11. The really big guy is rob.. the one on the left is max..
  12. One time I got really drunk, and stoned, and then I cut of my penis, I regret it totally.
  13. yep.. thats right.. im not 18.. kick me out.. i dont give a shit anymore damn..
  14. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh... Busted:smoke:
  15. *sigh*

    Didn't we just have a discussion about this the other day? :(
  16. Word, that was like a shark to blood.
  17. seedy are you trying to get somebody booted? thats just not right.

    and becca its not entirely your fault but some is. but if what seedy posted about your blog. then that means that your still learning how to control yourself with alcohol. but your either gonna need to find some more trustworthy friends or quit drinking. sometimes its easy for some people to become responsible but sometimes its hard to learn. it will hit you someday that your fed up with it and will just quit it. but until that day. control your alcohol consumption and happy toking :smoke:

    edit* i guess you already did get somebody booted. :wave:
  18. i didn't hang her. i told her where i put the rope. she was acting 16.
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