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    I just read that the "Infamous Face chewer" in Miami,Who was supposedly high on Bath Salts at the time,Had a toxicity test and they're saying it was Marijuana,WTF! Their they go again *(Media)* Tryin to pin sh*t on Mary Jane as usual,I'm just going to call it a lie and move on (Thats F'd tho)....

    And what about those Colorado fires,Were they started on purpose?! To burn up any grows in the wilderness (Just kidding) But I wouldn't be surprised though if that was the reason.

    Anyways just upset about the "Bath salt face chewer" thing being related to weed:mad:,Sh*t gets out of hand quick over here ,"No bath salts,Only weed was found in Rudy Eugenes toxicty test" get the f*ck outta here!
  2. Its such BS, as i stated in another thread i can think of 3 unmentionables that cant be tested for....
    The media is ridiculous with this shit, as soon as they here marajuana shit hits the fan and flys all over the walls
  3. So, now I can chew people's faces off and it's not really MY fault?
  4. Have we even established if there is even a way to test for bath salts use?
  5. Hahaha^,Who would've guessed anyone would even try Smokin Bath salts:laughing:
  6. He also had water in his system. Water and food. Therefore, by government logic, Water and Food cause you to eat people's faces off.
  7. And don't forget the oxygen!!

  8. Our government is fucked up.
  9. some bullllllshit
  10. I heard that the decriminalized weed in Chicago and was like "maybe other big cities will join" but this sucks. It's like one step forward, three steps back
  11. No main media I've seen has blamed it on weed.

    Your all overly paranoid.
  12. Just because we're paranoid doesn't mean there's not a conspiracy...Or maybe we're just really stoned.
    Strange, I suddenly have a craving for some face flesh...:eek:
  13. Worst case of munchies ever

  14. and i thought i had it bad
  15. Anyone Know why they call em bath salts? Now moms are probably stopping using and hiding their smelly good bathsalts shit all in vain :laughing:

    From what I have read apparently Its definitely waaay different stuff than your mommas "french vanilla bath and body works brand bath salt shit, or "Epsom salts" < That stuff, without the scents is actually good for plants for manganese and magnesium and macro and micro-nutes... But ironically here Its also called (insert suggestively catchy drug like name here) and labeled as "Plant food" around where I live..... Fucking nuts.

    I bet that shits undetectable, some new b/s analogue that's not made it to the DEA and all that.

    I knew some shitheads who threw some of that synthetic RC bs they bought online all over all the buds they had.....A lot of people had a baddd time. Fuckin pricks.:mad:
  16. I'm very high, this I know But I didn't understand 90% of your post ^
  17. Face-munching was almost exclusively why I started poking smot. Well that and so I could be cool (who the hell actually smokes to get high? No one, thats who).

    I personally think the media was a little slow on picking up on this but my hopes are that many more people will be drawn to the herb by its cannabil-inducing properties.
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