Damn you weather and your Frigidness!!

Discussion in 'General' started by s0ad05, May 13, 2006.

  1. for crying out loud is it freezing by anyone else? I have to snuggle in a damn blankey in may to stay warm. CURSE YOU WEATHER!!!

    plus i have tile floors....and you can imagine those on your feet
  2. damn man, im pretty happy in kentucky, 70's all summer, but winter is a harsh snowy bitch, we get some of the worst snow for some reason. But its all good here, feel free to come take a break form it and come smoke and chill here hahaha. But man, just cuddle up with a broad lol. be nice right now too
  3. it has been 58 here the past couple days, and rainy(eastern ohio)

    shitty has 85 degree summer too. it isnt the temp that pisses me off, it is the god awful humidity. oh and cincinnati has AWFUL air quality. the second i get close to home, my sinuses get all messed up

    i wouldnt mind a little sunshine and warm weather tho

    but all i have to look forward to today is thunderstrorms(which are nice, dont get me wrong, butim getting sick of rain)

  4. lolz i hate this shit. fucking chicago hooker weather. its been raining for like 48hrs striaght.fuck.
  5. it made it to 108 here the other day. It's interesting that it can be so hot here and so cold just a couple of states away.
  6. It's been beautiful all spring in Delaware. Temps in 70-80 range, goes down to 50 at nite. Best weather i've seen in the 4 years i've been living here!
  7. Weve been getting nothing but rain. Last week it rained for a few days. This weekend its raining from friday to tuesday.
  8. Hehe, for the last month or so the Bay Area has had like 70 degree weather every day with no clouds in the sky. I feel sorry for all of you out in the cold.
  9. It's 46 degrees where I'm at :(
  10. its about 70-80º everyday around here .

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