Damn you Dan Brown

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by squeeprez, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Has anybody read the new book in Dan Brown's repertoire (The Lost Symbol)?
    If so, are you now interested in studying noetic science? It seems like a very interesting subject to look into if only I could find somewhere besides IONS to learn about it.
  2. I had no idea the field even existed prior to starting the book. I'm only half way through but damn...Noetic science sounds incredible. I promtply googled it after the book first mentioned it and IONS was the only decent source of info I found.
  3. same here^^, i just started reading it yesterday. after a very crazy and introspective lsd trip. things noetics seems to cover have been things ive been thinking about for a long time now. im definitely going to be doing some research on the subject. i dont know if its a career id get into, but so far its basis "mind over matter" has me very interested
  4. I WISH. That's exactly the kind of shit I would want to do. I couldn't find anything out about it either, though.

    On a side note that book was awesome.
  5. i havnt read the book yet but i could probly tell you everything thats in the book but im hoping he isnt watering and disinforming about the freemasons and the illuminati being under lucifer(satan,devil,evil) thier "grand architech" to go tawards there one world goverment system, but im curios as to what this neotic science is
  6. i dont know the actual facts for everything he writes about, but right before the story starts theres a page that says that all the rituals, sciences, organizations are all real ...

    and in the story its more like langdon defends them and tries to explain what they really are, changing ppls misguided views. im only about half way through, but thats what ive figured so far
  7. Yeah, I'm not going to ruin anything, but the book seems like it tries to defend Freemasonry, like there's ACTUAL Freemasons and then there's the Luciferian Masons.

    It makes me wonder because this book goes against almost everything Maxrule says. :p :D
  8. The book also left me interested in noetic science. After a little time researching it, he seems to have exaggerated parts of it. Despite that it is a very interesting field.

    The book was great, I was worried that it would follow the mold his books usually follow. It was definitely written with his style, but the subject matter was refreshing.
  9. Eh he's a sensationalist. He's damn good at what he does (sensationalizing reality, that is,) but I'd take it all with a grain of salt.

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