Damn you cocaine *shakes fist*

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    i blew some coke for the first time last night, I only did a few bumps but goddamn i can see why that shit is addictive. I like to think im a pretty cool cat when im sober but hell, after a fat line I was fuckin Tupac. spittin game in every direction, having the attention of half the chicks at a party..

    cocaine's one hell of a drug. its a good thing I spend all my money on weed, or I'd be a cokehead and happy about it

    edit: oh yeah, i hooked up with a pretty cute girl at the end of the night, but i was really drunk and the coke comedown was breakin my nuts and i didnt really feel like fucking. Thats why i was shaking my fist at cocaine like that in the title. didnt mean to make a scene.
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    haha. the way i see it the coke should be shaking its fist at you.
  3. AHAH people who do coke always have fucked up storied. I've been there too man. Not like that happened to me. But I've zoned out HARD for like 10 minutes when I did it. I've also heard stories from people who were on coke and the crazy shit that happened to them or what they did.
  4. <3 cocaine

    if only i could find some good shit around here
  5. for sure

    did some blow with a homie of mine last night

    shit was all speedy

    i wasn't complaining though.

    just keep it a blue moon thing
  6. mmmm. gotta love cocaine.
  7. coke is nice but the only thing that keeps me from buying it is its expensive price, and the comedown is just not worth it for me. I'll do it if i get it offered for free or special occasions but only if i have some smack for the comedown
  8. Haha, well I'm going to start partying with people who do coke this year, so I'm sure I'll have a chance to try it. I'm sure I will if I get the chance, but I don't want to be buying the stuff...
  9. M

    and not like the kind we have on these boards bro. . .
  10. thats how all drugs should be used though.
    you know, so they dont lose there glamor.

    and to the OP.
    i know how you feel, alcohol, and mdma and my friend couldnt get up, he says the same thing happens when he takes adderal, not too sure what happend.
    vics got me ramblin.


  11. QTF

    and weed should be smoked as much as possibble as quickly ass possible
  12. "we cant stop here....thisis bat contry" :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  13. I've never done coke. I would like too but I've never gotten the chance. im sure i will run across it some day.

    Which is better coke or X? cause I've done X and it was fun as hell.
  14. Damn, man I would shake my fist too if i did all that and no pussy bro.
  15. Cocaine, what can I say? We've had our ups and our downs, but mostly lots of upppps. It's always best in moderation and by that I mean binging and then waiting a while and then doing it again. Say, a couple months between each coke-fest. But seriously, some of my friends got real bad off on it, trying to get a gram hear and there multiple times a day, doing whatever was really needed to get a little fix. I've been able to do it on and off for about 3 years and it has yet to become anything close to an addiction.

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