damn yo, that girl from the office...

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  1. the tan one, idk her name but she's on the office and that show with the blonde chick from SNL.

    Shes gives me a stiffy.

    Just sharin'.
  2. sharing is not caring.
  3. Sharing what? Your stiffy or the girl from the office?

    You gotta post the picture to say you're sharing man.

    You get to SEE her with your eyes, don't you? And she's giving you a boner, isn't she?

    But we got nothing. No girl, no boner.
  4. Sorry I don't watch the office..
  5. Oh.... are we talking about some kind of TV series called 'Office'??

    Man I'm feeling silly.
  6. By that show with that blonde chick do you mean Amy Pholer? The show is calked parks and recreation :)
  7. That chick isn't hot. That's y Jim dumped her

    Pam is tho. Ouff
  8. Haha I'm friends with someone who's engaged to the red head weird looking one lmfao
  9. Meredith?? Yuck
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    Yep that one.
    Ive met her though.
    Really funny and nice!
  11. I don't doubt that.

  12. :yummy::yummy::yummy:
  13. O yea o yea

  14. Rashida Jones? Shes pretty cute.


  15. Looks like she's president of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee.
  16. Karen Filippelli is so damn hot, I would love to pound her all day and through the night
    " and my dick runs deep, so deep, so deep I put her ass to sleep! "
    -ice cube / mistabaze

  17. I love that style
  18. Sure she makes up for it.

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