Damn whitefly's

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Godzilla, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. A friend i know has some plants that are starting to flower. They are also under attack from whitefly. It does not seem to be epic proportions but if you give the plant a good shake 20 to 30 white fly take off and go to another plant (my friend says). At this stage i dont think its wise to use an insecticide on them, but when i think that these little shi*s are sucking the life out of my friends plants it makes me mad as hell. Any help would be appreacieated..

    PS 4 plants indica and 2 sativa. the indica are about 3ft tall and the sativa 6ft. the indica are into flower stage and the sativa are just starting, (my friend says).:devious:
  2. try handsoap and water mixed together and spray the plants down.

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