Damn What A Weekend,,,, Wow !!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by chicken, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. fabulos florida weather,,,, the springs were nice today,,,, i skipped to 4 different springs, on the moto-cycle,,,,, rode out like a mo-fo...

    friday night,, got nasty in the bar,,,, jammin like a true,,,, shot-out ,, mo-fo would,,,,, had some skank, all up on me,,,,, couldnt shake this drunk chick,,,,,,,,,, oh well it was good exept for her ;; shennanigans''///////:cool:

    your weekend good ?:cool:
  2. Well my weekend was quite uneventful:

    I have a cold.
    I just got a copy of Knocked Up that won't play.
    Class starts at 12 tomorrow.

    But hey, I've got brews in the fridge :)
  3. yea i had quite a weekend too..

    friday- friend called me up about 11 o'clock am and said "im gunna swing by your house and pick you up and we are gunna blaze. so of course im down with that we got 9.5 grams of dank and just smoked it alll day, and just drove around.

    saturday- was pretty crazy. to start out my friends sister who is a little older (25) she hooked me up with 5 vicodin and 10 klonopin for free. then a friend calls me up, he picks me up we blaze. then i took 5 klonopin 1 vic and 2 e pills. now i was pretty f 'ed up. then all my friends were either rollin or on acid. and we all decide to go and play lazer tag. so much fun

    sunday- i just chilled around my house and relaxed

    all in all i would say i had an awesome weekend.
  4. a 40, a good joint, and a gram of blow. things are ok.
  5. did you happen to go to Ginnie Springs? I was out there yesterday
  6. Went down to Tallahasse to watch Florida State play and do some tailgating. They put up 520 yards of Offense, so I don't care what the scoreboard said, they played well. I think I might be moving to Tallahassee soon... such a cool city.
  7. I worked all weekend and now I've got a really bad chest cold. :(
  8. Did basically nothing all weekend.....watched football all day yesterday and worked today.
  9. didn't do a whole lot this weekend.. went out and put out of job applications, blazed and popped 2 klonopin last night, and just popped 2 klonopin and smoked a couple bowls just now, followed by another bowl shortly = )
  10. did you go to ichetucknee springs? I fucking love that place I used to go there sneak off and smoke a joint and go swimming :D
  11. that sounds lovely right about now:)
  12. QFT, because pretty much no matter what's actually happening to you, these three things make it at least "ok".


    As for my weekend all I do is blaze trees work and play halo so who knows.
  13. I got drunk, and did nothing but think about court wednesday.

    I tried to shoot myself and the gun jammed.

    I haven't slept well at all. My WHOLE military career is at stake.

    I had a shitty weekend, sorry to rain on everyone's parade here,lol.
  14. Too much Ecstasy.
  15. Which springs you go to? I was out at Juniper.
  16. I haven't had money to buy pot in two weeks, so I guess I'm taking an indirect tolerance break which is cool cause I really needed one.
  17. fuck dude same here.
  18. nah,,, went to ''rum island'' the baddest spring in all of fla. //

    then skipped over to '' little river springs'',,,,,,,, then hit poe spgs.

    and then just swam at the santa-fe river park,,,,, not much ass to look at,,,, thats why i skipped around,,, '' LOOKING FOR SOME ASS' ,,,,,,,,:cool:
  19. rum island blows, theres cops out there in the woods basically just spying on you hoping you do something illegal, my mom was out there all by herself smoking a bowl, minding her own buisiness and some d-bag cop snuck up on her and took all her shit gave her a court date and all that garbage
  20. Nice weekend man.
    This was my last weekend smoking for a while because I'm gonna start getting piss tested.
    Well friday, my team won our football game 53-36, was 34-6 at half time, we put our 2/3rd teams in. Smoked 3 blunts with 4 friends, went to mcdonalds, smoked 2 more blunts and went to a party and played some bong and drank some beer. Saterday night I snuck out to smoke a blunt and chill with a girl, my friend called me and asked if i wanted to get wasted so I said sureeeeeeeee. We killed a 5th of gin in 10 minutes, took 4 shots of 151. Drove to my house to pick up bud and smoked a few bowls and drank a few beers. :D

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