damn too hot in dr60

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by RIghteous, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. 400watt hps
    170cfm fan


    Temps go pretty quick up to 95*.

    I use one of the 4" air intakes at the bottom fitted with a 90* pipe for structure hold.

    Outside temps are like 72*.

    My options are more cold air intake, or less heat production (a 250watt hps).

    What do you think?
  2. Exhaust is more important than intake, use everything you have to exhaust your tent and run your intakes as passive's.

    I also abstain from anything 90* with ducting.
  3. My exhaust fan should be enough at least in the research I did.

    I will try a 250hps and see if it does roughly half the heat generation.

    I just hope the less light will be good for 16 plants growing 12/12 from seed

  4. hahahahahahah your crazy ...
    I Use 2k to do 19 and still think I need more.
    There is no way in hell 450 could do 16 let alone 250.
  5. your fan should be atleast a 250cfm fan.

    go buy a vortex or valueline.

    youll appreciate it.
  6. you need a cool tube.

  7. keep your 400, get an air cooled hood, and call it good broski. that should take care of the heat. and be sure to be running at least an oscillating fan on the girls in the box. you gotta keep your air circulating or you get hot pockets in the top of your room. make sure your exhaust is up there to take care of it, and your temp should be golden.. now about those 16 ladies... :p

  8. sure do! and a e46 as well, and soon to be e92!

    heres my thread for how I do 20 plants with specs.

  9. 16 plants? lol. In the dr60 try like 3 max. haha.
  10. hahahahaha... seriously... 3 max... listen to him and to pigpen... and get the cool tube...

    with those temps.... you need to take the advice....
  11. You need a vortex for output
    duct booster fan for input- i use it to pull cooler air from outside my closet into my tent (my tent is in a closet)... dropped my temps in my tent by 7-10F

    cool tube or air cooled hood - I like hoods better

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