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Damn this shit is Dank

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by suspect, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Im 27 and Ive been smokin for about 10 and have never
    come across weed this potent.
    White Widow is my 4th strain and is Da BOMB!
    half of a gram puts my flat on my ass, I mean wow, ten
    minutes later and Im catchin zzzzzzz"s,
    check it out yall!
  2. I'd smoke it
  3. id absolutely kill for the hookups you guys have... should i just start asking people if they sell? how do some of you guys get hooked up with this dank bud?
  4. yum :yummy:

    enjoy that ganja man :smoke:
  5. i grew up with everyone i know that sells the dankies so it just came natural.

    get a job and ask co-workers... that might help... hit up parties or bars.
  6. grow it yourself, the only kind of weed goin around my municipality
    is that junk china bud thats "rock" hard, smells like hay,
    and only gets you high for like five mins, then you get a headache
    from how much you had to smoke to get you that 5min buzz
    Some of the people here in the city really know what they are talkin about...
    so even a beginner like me can get the my pic shows!
  7. that is dank lol have fun with that, growing it yourself is the best way to obtain very high quality weed without paying out the asshole for it.
  8. damn straight, thats what Im talkin about!
  9. Dam that shit fucked you up lol... i would be the same way :bongin::laughing::smoking::smoke:
  10. Damn that's really nice man!

    Happy toking. :)
  11. looks good i love white widow injoy man
  12. I know love White Widow too!
  13. Yea that does look like some good smoke. Keep tokin suspect!
  14. Thats looks pretty dank but why would you want bud that makes you fall asleep 10 minutes after smoking it? I guess I'm just more of a sativa kind of guy.
  15. wow thats amazing. i got a new background. lol.
  16. it only knocked me out the first time I smoked it.
    now Ill just smoke half a spliff at a time and Im soaring......

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